Author Topic: Sad, but true...  (Read 966 times)


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Sad, but true...
« on: August 15, 2018, 11:42:03 AM »
I very rarely watch daytime TV--but especially the far too many courtroom shows.  But while "surfing" the channels, I stopped on "The People's Court"...the case was about a small business owner who did business with a privately owned HVAC company, which as it turned out, had no permit/license in the municipality where the work was performed.  As usual, the expert attorney (Harvey Levin) supposedly goes out on "the street" to ask some in the crowd who they think will win the case.  In this particular episode, Levin asks a young woman if she thought the defendant "was being deceptive".  Obviously ashamed and embarrassed, she shyly and sheepishly admitted she didn't know what the word "deceptive" meant.  Maybe not a big deal to you, but MY opinion is that IF she doesn't know what the word "deceptive" means, the entire educational system has miserably failed to properly teach to adequately teach recent generations. Starting and ending with the parents, the state education budget and board, the school districts, budget directors, principles and teachers need to realize that education of our young people is of the highest priority and not just a popular, catch phrase to be uttered only when the next elections are held.  I must admit I'm hesitant to include teachers, since they have to deal with the same frustrating political atmosphere, not too mention having to basically become involved in disciplinary actions to maintain a suitable environment in which students to learn.  If there's any failure in the system and yet a claim that education in "our" schools needs to be applauded, then who is being "deceptive"?
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