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Finocchario Takes NYSS Win #3 at Spencer Speedway
« on: July 17, 2017, 12:16:22 AM »
NYSS Edges Out Mother Nature-Finocchario Takes Third Win Handily
Friday July 14, 2017
By Tom Fecteau

Williamson, NY- The NY SuperStock Series once again dodged the weather by inches Friday at Spencer Speedway but Chris Finocchario took the win by a comfortable margin. Race #4 in the series was sponsored by Computers By JD which resulted in fans seeing a ton of close racing action and fun activities for fans of all ages. On the track, there seemed to be storms forming as fans witnessed more cautions and door to door battles for every qualifying spot in each heat event. Figuratively AND literally dark clouds were forming.

Come main event time, the redraw would give Josh Schoonmaker the pole position with series regular Chris Vogler leading the full 24 car field to the green flag. And then all “you know what” broke out. With a car falling off the pace almost immediately, drivers in almost every row were either getting shoved or were taking unexpected evasive action before getting to the apex of turn one. As the sparks and crunching sounds subsided the red flag was displayed. With over 16 cars involved, sadly, six cars were done for the night.

On the restart things would go green for a number of laps as Chris Vogler would set the early pace and was hoping that Finocchario would have a tough time getting through the field from his 10th place restart position. While the fast #8 of Finocchario picked his way through the front runners, several other fast cars were roaring back up through the field. Finocchario followed Vogler until a bobble between 3 & 4 allowed the yellow #8 to take the lead. With heated battles forming all through the pack, the tight racing action would result in several more cautions for spins, crashes and flat tires. Hard luck would especially hit recent points leader Zak Willis when a spin and crash would end his night with just a couple laps remaining. The race would end with a Green, White, Checker. With little worry, Finocchario cruised home for win #3 of the season. Chris Vogler’s solid second place finish puts him now atop the series points standings. Our rookies had a rough night but #87 Mike Hyman survived to finish 8th, his best of the season.

The NYSS series next event will be July 28th at Spencer Speedway in Williamson, NY and sponsored by Lazzaro Performance. Expect more out of town teams to attend as they tune up for our premier event on August 25th: The 10th Annual Dave London Memorial.

HEAT 1: B. Coyle, S. Pesarek, S. Frarey, B. Dinzler, M. Ramsey.
HEAT 2: Z. Willis, K. Atkins, J. Miller, J. Schoonmaker, N. Peckham.
HEAT 3: C. Finocchario, D. Bancroft, M. Hyman, C. Vogler, K. Miller.

FEATURE (26-laps): CHRIS FINOCCHARIO, Chris Vogler, Dylan Bancroft, Shaun Frarey, Robert Fink, Kelly Miller, Steve Pesarek, Mike Hyman, Matt Larrivee, Brianna Dinzler, Joe Miller, Nathan Worden, Zach Willis, Lee Sharpsteen, Josh Schoonmaker, Brandon Larner, Joel Gleason, Mark Ramsey, Billy Coyle, Ken Atkins, Nathan Peckham, Dale Lazzaro, Jason Dinzler, Terry Cheetham.
Tom Fecteau
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