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602 crate motor distributor problem

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can anybody tell me if they are having problems with the module's going bad in about 2 weeks, and  if so what has been the fix, or maybe we are missing something? have lost 2 in the past 2 weeks. battery is new, alt. putting out correctly, any ideas,thanks. 

I have had defective tachometers short out and kill modules. Also make sure your motor has a good ground, if your battery grounds goes to the frame or the cage, run a ground from the motor to the frame. When you replace the module make sure you put a good coating of heat transfer grease on the bottom of it. And use a good quality module, I have had cheap aftermarket modules from parts stores go bad in a short amount of time.

any problem with the rev limiter affecting the modules? just asking, trying to cover everything. this is a dirt crate sportsman, teo rubber mounts.thanks.

I have never had a rev limiter itself short out and damage a module, but I have seen wiring going through the firewall rub and short out causing all sorts of weird issues.

thanks for the input,we'll look at everything,thanks again.


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