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any body remember or know?


railbird steve:
 does any one knw what is up with todd mc maniss #77 358 mod or, don kio #61 358 mod? i remember after i came home from the marines they were the top wheelmen at the time (88-90?) at woodhull. i was still cheering for dave erskine(25) and chuck kennison (9x). i think mr hills  was racing 4 cyl mods at dundee_ mrs hills was my 7-th grade teacher at painted post back in the 70 s !!!!

I believe Todd Mc manus is still living in Coudersport. He sold out all his racing stuff about 12 years ago. I am not totally sure, but I think Don Kio pasted away a few years back.

Burgess Family Racing:
Don Kio did indeed pass away a year ago or so...  Haven't seen or heard anything about McManus...  Chuck Kennison is in the long-term care facility at Schuyler Hospital after suffering a major stroke a few years back...

I seen Todd about a week ago. I try to get him to come to woodhull once in a while but he is busy with his kids they play sports. Todd is fine but bgained some weight. I also live in coudersport small town so we getb to see everyone once in a while.LOL


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