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RACING IS ON FOR TONIGHT! The bounties are hot and heavy as Matt Sheppard and Glenn Whritenour aren?t making this chase an easy one! Pit gates open at 5:30PM! See you then! by Facebook RSS
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In Loving Memory of Andy Phelps Behind every race team and race family is a driving force, leading the way to victory on and off track. For one of Central New York?s most storied racing families, this man is Andy Phelps. From driver, to mechanic, to car by Facebook RSS
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Thunder Mountain Speedway points after week #8: 8/8/2020: 2020 Modified Point Standings # Driver Name Total 1 91 Billy Decker 464 2 21 Shaun Walker 441 3 6nn Nick Nye 375 4 22x Brandon Walters 364 5 19x Chris Stull 363 6 77 Alan Barker 355 7 22j Ch by Facebook RSS
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Author Topic: Plenty of confusion and interpretation of state law regarding reopening  (Read 1526 times)


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/"Putting a kibosh on racing is telling us, from a governmental point of view, "no, we do not trust you to be responsible adults."

Hmm, not exactly.  If this were true the governmental point of viewers would put a stop to all the protesters and in fact many of these governmental point of viewers are encouraging and abetting this behavior.  If a protest was scheduled to take place at a racetrack the protest would go on as planned.  Of course we know protesters are immune to "the virus" ;)  The truth is that racing and race fans doesn't fit the narrative, yet the chaos and destruction caused by protesters does.  Isn't it funny(??) how that works*

"2300", I know that in an earlier comment, it was mentioned that politics don't belong in "racing" discussions, but today it seems that those lines have been justifiably blurred. In that vein, I can't help but wander off the initial focus of this discussion, for just a moment, and remind folks that if you vote Democrat, this November, you can expect more of this totalitarian rule.

And in closing, while I'm not totally in love with President Trump, I find him far more attractive than the alternatives. And if desired, we can move this to the "off topic" section.....


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As promised:

Contact today with my local political State level office:

When this person asked how how are we handling professional sports, in particular, auto racing, when we are allowing spectators at youth level and we are not yet at auto racing he was told, and I quote " Because.." - yes, a one word answer! I was also told that an accurate answer would follow early this week...

I then asked how the Tampa Bay Rays were going to play at Yankee Stadium and how the Yankees team members were going to play when quarantined for traveling to "outlawed" states. Answer was " I will attempt to get you an answer. That is a valid concern and legitimate question" This person is as frustrated as we are and Heir Cuomo is stonewalling and I am sure, based on policy goals and Syracuse Fairgrounds, has a personal contempt for auto racing. The Yankees can travel and play but NASCAR can not run at the Glen!
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