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To me, attending a race becomes an issue of personal responsibility; can people be trusted to wear masks in public, distance themselves 6 feet apart (trust me, you can hear me from 60 feet, conversations are possible at 6 feet), and wash their hands?  Those are the primary disease vectors.

Putting a kibosh on racing is telling us, from a governmental point of view, "no, we do not trust you to be responsible adults."

All I would ask is that we be allowed to show that we ARE responsible adults.

Is that too much to ask? 

And this is coming from someone who, as many of you know, is so far left he's almost around the edge to the right again.  LOL

Racing Discussion / Re: Fulton Raceway iconic wall torn down !!
« on: June 18, 2020, 12:06:28 AM »
You are welcome Bozo, The car was called the "Squaw Chaser" as Lyle had a little Indian blood in him, probably could not get away with calling it that in todays world.
 I have not been to the track since they covered it in dirt and we used to pit up in turns 3 and 4 in the shadow of the wall.   
 Always enjoyed racing there and watching the modified's and the street stocks as they put on a great show.

The Big D

Lyle was an amazingly talented driver - he would have graduated high school in my class had he decided to continue.  Would have loved to see what he could have accomplished in racing with just a few bucks behind him.  His dad's yard had the remains of a lot of race cars in it until it was crushed out.

Racing Discussion / Re: NASCAR bans Confederate flag
« on: June 17, 2020, 11:48:24 PM »
If you want to see the confederate flag at the sppedway, it waves the lap before the checkered....

Racing Discussion / Re: Why there aren't more race cars on the track.
« on: September 24, 2019, 02:05:33 AM »
Glad you got to go racing but your explanation is bullshIT

To whom are you addressing this comment? Leadfoot?  His story is not unusual, and certainly not bull$hit.  There is only so much time and money to go around, and eventually you run out of one or the other.  He gave it a good shot.

Racing Discussion / Re: Could clay be coming to Lancaster??
« on: April 11, 2019, 11:53:23 PM »
….Leadfoot, the forces at work here have nothing to do with asphalt v dirt. The great irony (a sad one at that) is if the place closes it's coming after 3 solid years of a well established rebound from the doldrums. Tim Packman and his dedicated staff did a great job of righting the ship there and showed that the old girl can still thrive if done correctly.  I don't know anything but I've lived in this state long enough that I believe some rotten politics is in play here. This state is a cesspool for it.  Hope I'm wrong.

Mike, I don't profess to know it all, but I'm just trying to make sense of how asphalt tracks are struggling/closing, yet dirt tracks seem to be keeping their heads above water. I don't quite see how "politics", and least government politics, can be part of the equation. "Politics" among the race tracks/promoters/sanctioning bodies, however, may be a different story, and one I'm not familiar with.

Another area where dirt has its act together and asphalt does not is in classes being equal from track to track - in many classes, if there's a rainout at say Canandaigua and you want to head to another track, you don't necessarily need a different brand of tires, or different carb, or different heads or gear rule or shocks or gas or what have you; you just go.  The failure of asphalt tracks to cooperate and come up with a uniform set of rules between the various tracks has gravely hurt asphalt racing.

My other personal pet peeve was opening up the sportman mods/B-mods/SST mods (see? Three terms for almost the same cars...) to tube chassis back in the 90s.  The stock clip cars were thriving - 30+ a night a Shangri-La - but as soon as the rules were opened up, it obsoleted those cars practically overnight.  Some drivers moved up, but a lot of them got out as the expense was greater.  Promoters didn't see the sense in paying the purse for full blown mods when the tube sportsmen looked the same so the full blown mods became a touring/specials only gig.  Even then, there is MRS, ROC, and Whelen, and those rules aren't consistent.

Just a few rambling thoughts.

Racing Discussion / Re: Hillside Buffalo Code of Conduct
« on: February 25, 2019, 08:28:18 AM »
"Dont talk bad about us or we'll penalize you!"  seems quite defensive. 

Seems to me that a far more effective strategy would be to discuss this with the drivers and then, if there is negativity on social media, address it in a constructive, straight up way; as in "We understand that you disagree with the track's decision regarding X, here is our perspective..."  People can flame if they want, but if you deal with the flames in a professional manner, and if drivers and crew and fans understand that if there was a mistake that you will take measures to prevent the same issue from recurring, it will go a long way towards building respect for Hillside.

Racing Discussion / Re: hey Goggles Pisano
« on: August 20, 2018, 12:20:09 AM »
The avatar isn't there all thetime, only when Irv has the night off...

Racing Discussion / Re: Racing Burnout or Something Else?
« on: July 03, 2018, 05:52:26 AM »
It would be a lot more interesting if they took the dirt mods out of the box that they came in and went back to a smaller body style.  Like watching billboards race around a track, and you cannot see the driver.  Something similar to the late 1980s-early 1990s size wise, but open it up for some creativity.

So raising the minimum wage will cause inflation...

The CEO of McDonalds tripled his own salary recently, to $14 million.  The price of a Big Mac did not go up a dime. 


Always extra money for the CEOs but none for the workers.  Limit CEO pay to say 50 times what the average worker salary is in the company.

Racing Discussion / Re: Where are all you race fans?
« on: April 24, 2018, 07:36:50 AM »
There is a total of exactly one response to the first 12 topics in the press release section.  Just saying. ;D

Racing Discussion / Re: Where are all you race fans?
« on: April 24, 2018, 07:34:40 AM »
I promised myself I wouldn't do it. I even looked at quicksand to remind myself how quickly you can get sucked back in...

Most of the topics that drew some sort of discussion are now in the "Press Release and Results" section. It was a huge discussion that something like this would happen when topics were getting locked and moved. It seems the only topics that are left over in this section that really are just press releases from the track are posted by sprintdaddy regarding Outlaw Speedway. I could be a complete jerk and say you're playing favorites, but at least it was SOMETHING over hear to read.

You asked my opinion, and my opinion is these topics should be merged. It does not take rocket science to avoid topics you don't want to read.

I agree with Sunny; as an example, look at the Evergreen thread on this page.  All the track info, times, etc., someone looks for the results, gets told to go to the press release section.  "Heard Zeiner won, full field."  It limits discussion dramatically.

If the results were posted in that thread, there would likely be more discussion.  Because it all is about the same subject.  Wouldyou enjoy changing the channel to find out the results of the race?

 The constant moving of threads is like having an aunt with OCD constantly rearranging the kitchen where you can't find anything so you just order out instead of dealing with her.  The amount of discussion on this site dropped when that started.  JMO.

Racing Discussion / Re: 150 laps of asphalt modified racing 12/16
« on: December 17, 2017, 09:36:26 AM »
Old Yeller is also airing.  This is the one where they shoot the dog.

Racing Discussion / Re: Last Week at Woodhull IN-car Crate sloug through
« on: October 08, 2017, 09:47:18 AM »
Good finish - not sure which was more diabolical, the handling, the track, or a couple of the other cars out there!

Racing Discussion / Re: Niagara Hobby has closed.
« on: September 14, 2017, 10:46:39 PM »
One day 70% off sale Saturday per the Buffalo News...

Off Topic Discussion / Re: Trump on Sessions
« on: July 26, 2017, 11:17:21 PM »
I have mixed feelings about Sessions recusing himself so I guess I'm not sure.  What I am certain of is, Trump is dealing with this in the wrong manner.  His public vilifying of Sessions repeatedly is over the top.  Perhaps once, meh.  But to attack Sessions day after day in an effort to get him to resign is cowardly.  I tend to believe this is  about getting rid of Mueller as much as it is Sessions. 
This whole Trump - Russia thing is exhausting...I cant help but believe Trumps finances are in some way, somehow, more Russian that he wants the world to know.  Russia has played us well sorry to say.

 I have no love for Sessions but he has probably done more than all the other cabinet members combined. 

 Rex Tillerson (whom I like)...something about this guy suggests he didn't sign up for the chaos Trump creates and will soon depart.

 Donald Trump has become a stain on the Presidency.

The statement about the president , coming from a person who did not vote or participate in any way in the last election, I find highly offensive. Funny when your guy Obummer was putting his shoes on the historical furniture in the white house, I don't remember you saying a f##king thing, when he was bowing to the moozlims I don't remember you saying anything either, now we have a president who is trying to salvage America and respects the American way you have the ba11s to call him a stain ?  Have some real ba11s and print a retraction.

Trump is acting like a petulant spoiled brat.  Fact.

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