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I cant understand how Gov.Cuomo can let bars,malls stores etc. remain open and not let the racetracks open with fans.I think this coming Friday would be a great night to open Spencer.

I agree with you, 100%, but as long as "Commandant Cuomo" is enjoying his "power trip", and possibly his POTUS campaign (GASP!!), there'll be no racing in NY. Just remember what he did to the Syracuse track!!

/"Putting a kibosh on racing is telling us, from a governmental point of view, "no, we do not trust you to be responsible adults."

Hmm, not exactly.  If this were true the governmental point of viewers would put a stop to all the protesters and in fact many of these governmental point of viewers are encouraging and abetting this behavior.  If a protest was scheduled to take place at a racetrack the protest would go on as planned.  Of course we know protesters are immune to "the virus" ;)  The truth is that racing and race fans doesn't fit the narrative, yet the chaos and destruction caused by protesters does.  Isn't it funny(??) how that works*

"2300", I know that in an earlier comment, it was mentioned that politics don't belong in "racing" discussions, but today it seems that those lines have been justifiably blurred. In that vein, I can't help but wander off the initial focus of this discussion, for just a moment, and remind folks that if you vote Democrat, this November, you can expect more of this totalitarian rule.

And in closing, while I'm not totally in love with President Trump, I find him far more attractive than the alternatives. And if desired, we can move this to the "off topic" section.....

... but yeah, the amount of power and control the governor's office has in setting uneven criteria for activities that are equally low risk is absolutely terrifying. Before this is all over and done with, entire industries will have vanished and 1000's of small and regional businesses will be gone. But hey, at least the numbers are down now that he killed off the most vulnerable, and can use this as a political chip heading into the election cycle.

I agree!

All so  sad really. People on here and other sites have long complained about politics on a (fill in the blank) site.  "This is a racing site, don't talk about politics I have no interest" Paraphrasing but the point?  It cannot be separated since it has crept into every aspect of our lives. We are witnessing a throttled up attempt to remove even more of our rights by an emboldend Progessive political monster that has had the slow encroachment of those rights curtailed by the election of Donald Trump. The do nothing weak kneed opposition (Republican party) is feckless and  just along for the ride. They have no spine when it comes to our personal LIBERTY.

How sad to read the defeatisum in the words of Leadfoot as he proclaims the end of our sport.

The big gun grab coming from the Left just may start the second American cvil war.. something I thought I'd never see in my life time.
If you like your way of life..well you just might have to go and fight to preserve it.

"UM", I agree with most of what you said, but I don't think that I'm promoting "defeatism". I feel that I'm just being realistic. I celebrated another birthday a few days ago, and it scares me that I'm getting really close to 70 years of age. I've been an automobile racing enthusiast/participant for over 60 of those years, and although it brings me no pleasure, I've witnessed the steady decline of the sport. And while many race tracks were, at one time, "out in the boondocks", therefore slightly noticed, over time, the population has moved to where the tracks are, and suddenly the tracks have become a problem.

My comments are nothing more than a reflection of the times.

If the race tracks donated as much money to the political campaigns like Wal Mart does, they would be able to open

You got that right!!

I agree!  The ambiguity and resulting confusion seems to come from the lack of distinction between state horse race tracks and auto racing facilities...It's only my unguided interpretation and opinion!  (I would love to speak with long-time Holland track owner and attorney, Ron Bennett, regarding his opinion about ALL this!!!)

I think there's a VERY big distinction between horse racing and auto racing, and it isn't about "horsepower" racing is a gambler's sport, and the gambling generates tax revenue, which won't be curtailed, as the state desperately needs money. This need has ALWAYS been there, as the Democrats didn't earn their moniker, "tax and spend Democrats", by being frugal. But given the current situation, they need the money even more. Auto racing, on the other hand, doesn't generate that type of income.

Over the past few weeks, we've seen the ability of many New York State dirt tracks to open.  Lebanon Valley, Fonda, Utica-Rome, Outlaw (Dundee), Albany-Saratoga, Canandaigua, and Thunder Mountain come quickly to mind.  Asphalt tracks, on the other hand, have not opened.  Not one to the best of my knowledge/memory?  Why such a bifurcated response to the pandemic?  What does this tell us about the health of the short track racing industry?

From what I understood, through my participation in the other, related thread, I believe that the dirt tracks got together and signed up for a "pay per view" deal, so they can run without a packed grandstand, and still make money (hopefully). The paved tracks didn't do this, so they lost out.

Short tracks of all types of racing endured at least two terrible seasons due to inclement weather so I wouldn't be surprised if that plays a role in any decisions regarding ongoing operations or those in the foreseeable future!

Thing is, as long as you don't have any legal restrictions over operations, if the weather looks "iffy", a track owner can still decide to "take a stab at it", and try to get the show in. This year, "Commandant Cuomo" is flexing his muscles, and preventing anything from happening. It's a different set of circumstances.

Mike, I hate to reiterate this, but as I said in another discussion on this site, I believe that short track, automobile racing, as we've known and loved it in NY, for the last 80 years, or so, is dead. We already knew that the sport was NOT on the politicians' short list of "approved" sports, and this announcement further solidifies that belief.

Furthermore, if that isn't enough, yesterday, the Rochester Red Wings, upstate NY's professional baseball team, announced that their season has been cancelled. When the "politically correct" sport of minor league baseball, a sport that has the financial support of the county, therefore is responsible to the taxpayers to make as serious an effort as possible, to generate income, to offset the expenses of operating in a county owned stadium, gets cancelled, you know that the "politicos" couldn't care less about automobile racing.

Sadly, VERY sadly, I feel it necessary to say, "RIP, NY state race tracks, you had a good run and a well deserved place in history".....................

Racing Discussion / Re: Old Boy Cup at NYIRP
« on: June 28, 2020, 10:47:06 AM »

Is there some "anti-racetrack" lobby in operation, in Albany??  The way it looks to me, this could spell the end of asphalt racing in New York State, as most of these tracks don't have the kind of cash reserve it takes, to survive being "out of business" for an entire season. Furthermore, where does that leave the racers??

I'm pretty sure that many of them started "freshening up" their cars for the upcoming season, long before the "Kung-flu" hit the world, and assumed that they'd get the opportunity to use the new stuff they bought. And furthermore, as I implied above, if this situation effectively kills off the asphalt tracks, what are the owners/driver going to do with their race cars........"cash for clunkers" program??

For whatever it's worth, it's currently a little before 8AM, outside of Rochester, and it's been raining for a couple of hours. The weatherman's forecast, last night, was that the rain was going to end mid-afternoon on Saturday, but that was the Rochester forecast.....So, there still might be a possibility of getting the show in.

It's a well deserved honor!

Racing Discussion / Re: NASCAR bans Confederate flag
« on: June 21, 2020, 10:09:01 AM »
IMHO, My biggest issue with the current mentality regarding almost anything in this country is that people are being told WHAT to think instead of learning HOW to think--they are also trading their freedom(s) in exchange for their government's idea of safety which has affected nearly every aspect of our lives; including racing!  I hope those who favor a socialist form of government enjoyed their first taste of it!  The sour "aftertaste" won't be so great...

I agree 100%.

The only problem is, once the Government takes something away from you, you play hell trying to get it back, if you ever do manage to get it back. Yes, the "Kung flu" did present a danger to the general public, but look at how willing people were, to give up their freedoms, under the guise of "public safety", using guidelines put out by people who were simply "throwing spaghetti at the wall", if you know what I mean.

God forbid, the liberals get a stranglehold on the Government in the next couple of elections, as this country, as we knew it, loved it, and fought for it, will drastically change forever,.....AND it won't be for the better, you can bet on it.

Using the process of painting as an analogy, Obama, with his phrase "we're going to fundamentally change America", was the primer, and Hillary was supposed to apply the finish coats. Trump interfered, and that's why the left hates him so much. He delayed their plans to "sell out" America for their own benefit, leaving us to be their slaves.....

Racing Discussion / Re: NASCAR bans Confederate flag
« on: June 15, 2020, 06:03:31 PM »

On the subject of slavery in my country I sometimes think of the hurt and pain inflicted on my fellow man...surely one of those hurts must be is the separation from a child or loved one to never see them again or never learn of their whereabouts...or what happened to them

And WTF, exactly, does that have to do with the Conferderate flag, the subject of this topic.....and/or a practice that was outlawed in the US in 1865....155 years ago.

Racing Discussion / Re: NASCAR bans Confederate flag
« on: June 13, 2020, 07:25:20 AM »
It's apparent some of you folks are racists.... :-\

NO, we're NOT!!!

We're simply tired of being told that insane behavior is supposed to be considered "normal", and we better get used to it........

Racing Discussion / Re: NASCAR bans Confederate flag
« on: June 12, 2020, 11:26:54 AM »
Bubba in the #43 is all about the money, it ain't about his driving ability.

Kinda' like Danica, in the #10?

Racing Discussion / Re: NASCAR bans Confederate flag
« on: June 12, 2020, 07:07:33 AM »
In today's (6/12/20) Rochester newspaper's sports section, there was a lengthy article by one of the USA Today staff writers, about how it's time that NASCAR finally became "politically correct", and banned the confederate flag. Apparently this particular writer hasn't done his homework, and understands that auto racing fans are a pretty "hard core" group of fans, and they DON'T mix sports and politics very well. He also doesn't seem to understand that NASCAR has been on a decline, the last several years, and additional controversy is the LAST thing they need to generate.

Racing Discussion / They staged a "protest".
« on: June 08, 2020, 06:49:30 AM »
Many race fans are wondering when race tracks will re-open, based on the various states' mandates, regarding the gathering of sports fans at sporting events. As we all know, people are getting quite frustrated over this. Ace Speedway, in Elon North Carolina decided that they had had enough.....

Instead of having "races" this past Saturday evening, they staged a protest, according to a report that was published in today's (6/8/20) Rochester NY, 'Democrat&Chronicle' newspaper. Racers, and about 2000 "protesters", showed up in protest of the state's "anti-gathering" regulations.

Racing Discussion / Re: When will New York racetracks open with fans?
« on: June 04, 2020, 07:28:36 AM »
ask Cuomo

I think TELL Cuomo, is a better idea..............

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