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Big Apple Motorsports Marketing & Public Relations

For Immediate Release

Media Contact: Michael Sweet

BAMMPR 516-232-4650

For Immediate release with our thanks



600 Micro Sprint racing superstar and the 2010 600 Pro Series champion Ryan Greth will make his debut at the historic Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, NJ to do battle with the best of the best in Indoor Midget Racing for the annual Gamblers Classic Midget race. The New Cumberland, PA standout is no stranger to the pressure of close wheel to wheel action. With over 50 career feature wins, multiple championships and now being the current 600 Pro Series Champion, Greth knows how to win. His smooth style and passion to drive to the front has gained him notoriety from his home state of Pennsylvania to Indiana to Florida. Winning the Gamblers Classic is not out of the question for Greth, but the opportunity to drive for the Motorsports Institute has him even more motivated. Greth is very excited. ‘Representing the Motorsports Institute means a lot to me’ said Greth. ‘I am a firm believer that educational programs getting kids to expand their knowledge is a good thing, and this program is fun, too!’ Greth, a graduate of the Universal Technical Institute and the NASCAR Institute is currently working as the fuel injection specialist for Hyper Racing. Mention the word ‘fuel injection’ to most people and it sounds like science and mystery combined. Hyper Racing is known worldwide for their expertise in fuel injection and dyno work on micro sprint engines.


The Motorsports Institute introduces school age children to the world of motorsports in a full community sponsored program, at no cost, through their academic programs.

Unlike other sports, motorsports does not require great physical strength, speed or size of its athletes. What motorsports does require is access to a race car. Even at the lowest levels of motorsports, such as Go Kart Racing, the purchase of a Go Kart and the costs to maintain it are out of the reach of many families. The Motorsports Institute provides young people access and a bridge to the world of motorsports.

What motorsports also provides are life skills and success training that is valuable to any career pursuit. The goal is that through nurturing talent and aspiration, we can help someone become impassioned about something. Witness the current success of Joe Gibbs, who after years of a professional football career has found new life and enthusiasm in motorsports. The Motorsports Institute will provide young people with access to the wide-eyed world of exciting new career options and the opportunity to explore new territory.


Last year at the Ivy Bound Academy, a middle school in Sherman Oaks, California, 250 students participated in the Motorsports Institute’s ‘Read to Race’ program. They read 123,795 pages, confirmed by teachers and parents. ‘Raising the recreational reading level of the students was the major goal’ said Adam Gaunt, the Language arts teacher at Ivy Bound and the schools ‘Read to Race’ coordinator. While the students were reading because of a major incentive provided by the motorsports institute, they were developing habits of proficient readers. ‘Even after the winner’s ceremonies, the students continued to read. Each student read at least 3 novels, completed essays and completed book reports’. Gaunt said he expects the real success will be when the students participate in the standardized state testing this spring. The kids really had fun with the race car. ‘We had all the students sign their names on the hood of the MSI sponsored Super Late Model of Julien Penaruiz. ‘It was a moment I’ll never forget’, said MSI’s Academic Director Mike Sweet, who ran the MSI racing program at last years Showdown at Toyota Speedway at Irwindale, CA. ( ) ‘These kids were so interested in motorsports. They all had favorites, from Rally Car to NASCAR, drag racing to Formula One.’ MaryAnne Howland, President and CEO of the Motorsports Institute in Nashville Tenn. said she was very happy to have a LA to Nashville to NY type connection. ‘This is a diversity educational program’, said Howland, ‘one that includes all students without the huge investment in a racing enterprise. Just the learning experience and fun that motorsports brings with it.’


When Hyper Racing’s President Mike Dicely and the Motorsports Institute’s academic program director Mike Sweet decided to offer MSI’s educational programs to the local Middle Schools near Hyper Racing headquarters in PA, the usual conversation of Atlantic City’s January classic battle started to take hold. Dicely and Sweet have a history, sort of. The 2005 Gamblers Classic looked to be a runaway event for Sweet’s FOUR America with Jeff Heotzler easily en route to the victory. But a late mechanical mishap put ‘the Jeffer’ in jeopardy of losing it all. After Billy Pauch passed him for the lead, he then spun out, never leading a lap. Mike Dicely also passed the Jeffer too, taking over the race lead with 2 laps to go. Mike went high on the white flag lap, giving ‘the Jeffer’ just enough room for the victory. Now, Dicely and Sweet are on the same team, working towards the prospect of bringing a fun educational opportunity to schools desiring to participate. Mike Dicely then told Sweet about the Indoor car he built, and offered it to MSI for the event, to get the word out about the Motorsports Institute’s academic programs. That, combined with Sweet’s association with 600 Pro Series president Wayne Lesher, who also happens to be Ryan Greths' car owner in that series, agreed to make this happen. So through the sponsorship of Hyper Racing, the support of the 600 Pro Series and Championship car owner Wayne Lesher, the crew, and the superstar driving talent of Ryan Greth all teamed together to support the Motorsports Institute, a win in Boardwalk Hall is not out of the realm of possibility. After all, this is the place where if you have the right cards at the right time, you win!

Racing Discussion / Re: Jeff Gordons New Sponsor (NO JOKE)
« on: October 30, 2010, 12:05:09 PM »
It will surely bring the discussion up a few levels. This board proves that. Just think of the BTB $ this will bring to them through the NASCAR marketing machine.
But on a very local level, I remember doing a food drive and awareness campaign for Sister Jeans Soup Kitchen in Atlantic City when the TQ Midgets were running. I can tell you that the room was packed with hungry people that were really grateful to have a hot meal for breakfast. And I remember the workers were going full speed ahead to get the food out, and smiles were abound. We need to have a bit more compassion as things get worse in our society, JMO.

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