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Racing Discussion / March Syracuse Race Car Show
« on: November 29, 2018, 07:28:13 PM »
Was searching Syracuse area trade shows and expos listing for 2019. Got a lot of information on the many scheduled events but could not find anything about the race show. Anyone know if its dead or just in final negotiations or any rumors?

My apologies to Tommy Reese. Not sure why but I decided his surname needed upgrading, it doesn't .

The New York Super Stocks were concluding their season as part of Wyoming County International’s Fall Shootout weekend. Fans cheered as Scott Adams from Nanticoke, PA took advantage of a restart with two laps to go and made the outside stick at the WCIS Bull Ring, beating several NYSS for the win. 39 teams made the haul, ready to battle for 26 starting positions. After five great qualifying heats were completed, 16 cars lined up for the 20 lap B-Main and the final 4 spots and 2 NYSS provisionals. When the dust settled, fans were heard saying that the B-Main with its long green flag period was one of the best races of the day up to that point. They hadn’t seen anything yet.

The 51 lap main event was led to the green flag by pole sitter and past NYSS Champion Bill Frisbee, Jr, returning to action piloting a friend’s highly competitive Street Stock showing that you never count out David vs. Goliath. Outside would be “front row” Nate Peckham who has mastered the art of redrawing for the main event all season. After a couple quick cautions, a nice 12 lap run showed Frisbee taking care of business while several stout cars and drivers were working their way to the front. A lap 17 multi car crash would end the night for Consi winner Tim Gullo and eventually contribute to the demise of recent winner Charlie Sharpteen’s goal of 2 in a row.

Multi time feature winner Chris Finocchario would take the lead from Frisbee on lap 24 as the big guys had now made their way to the front. Unnoticed by many, Scott Adams, who qualified out of the B-Main and starting 22nd, was following the power cars as they moved through the field. The top 4 were now Finocchario, Nick Robinson, Chris Vogler, and Adams while Tommy Reece was charging back to the front and would join the hunt over the next 25 laps.

Robinson had been trying every move possible to get by Finocchario and had just powered his way to the inside of Chris. Racing side by side down the front stretch, they made contact which blew the right front of Robinson, who managed to keep it off the wall as the car slid up turn one. Race officials would send Chris back for the contact which created a front row of last year’s winner, Chris Vogler (Sandra’s son) and outside him was Scott Adams with Reece now on Vogler’s bumper in 3rd. The lap 49 restart and 2 lap dash brought the fans to their feet as Adams made the outside line stick and hung on for the win followed by Vogler and Reese. Adams has been a winner and top contender in the PA area and commented about how this win gave him a special sense of pride given all the challenges he faced: a long haul from Southeast PA, never racing at WCIS before, and having to qualify through the B-Main.

Sandra Vogler Memorial Feature: SCOTT ADAMS, Chris Vogler, Tommy Reece, Zach Willis, Bill Frisbee Jr, Brian Wozniak, Steve Pesarek, Robert Fink, Mike Brantell, Andy Cryan, Eric Hadley, Nick Robinson, Dylan Bancroft, Josh Schoonmaker, Mike Hyman, Markie Spencer, Josh Hunter, Chris Finocchario, Lee Sharpsteen, Brianna Dinzler, Joel Gleason, Tim Gullo, Nate Peckham, SJ Rotunda, Aaron Higgins, Frank Chapman

Heat 1: Higgins, Chapman, Cryan, Hunter
Heat 2: Robinson, Schoonmaker, Wozniak, Hyman
Heat 3: Reece, Fink, Willis, Spencer
Heat 4: Finocchario, Frisbee Jr., Hadley, Sharpsteen
Heat 5: Peckham, Pesarek, Vogler, Bancroft

B-Main: Gullo, Adams, Gleason, Brantell
Provisionals: B. Dinzler, Rotunda
DNQ: Jason Dinzler, Scott Dinzler, Justin Myers, Jeff Goodwin, Joe Horvatits, Kelly Miller, Steve Perez, Matt Larrivee, Jim House, Ron Underwood
DNS: Rob Miszczak, Chuck Nichols, Joe Miller

Correction: Nate Peckham #90 continued his redraw brilliance this season and started outside pole (I got over excited about Dinzler's good run). Although pitting several times, Nate took advantage of other's errors and came home 7th.

Note: The Evergreen cars and the NYSS cars were pretty heads-up competitive. The field did not spread out quickly and folks did run the outside.

« on: September 18, 2017, 03:10:09 PM »
Charlie Sharpsteen took the #34 to victory in the rain shortened event. For Charlie, it was a great comeback after barely qualifying from his heat, and he also claimed the hard charger bonus with his great run.

The NY Super Stock series made a non-points visit to Evergreen Raceway Park to see how the series regulars and the track regulars would compare in the SLEEPY’S 75 lap shootout. 27 cars from both series competed in very heads-up fashion throughout the qualifiers. Some rules confusion caused a few quick cars to run the last chance qualifier but in the end, 20 fast cars lined up for the feature.

Pole sitter Eric Hadley brought the field to the green with series regular, Jason Dinzler, on the outside and having his best day all season. It was clear from the start that a lot of good cars and drivers would be competing closely for each and every spot. Hadley jumped to the early lead with Dinzler dropping down behind him. Cautions would be plentiful as bull ring racing brings some tight fights for position. At lap 29, Dinzler would get under Hadley and take over the top spot for the next few circuits. On a lap 37 restart Jason would got a little loose, and with help, would spin in front of the field. Luckily no one received any major damage. On lap 42, Charlie Sharpsteen would pass Hadley for the lead and hung on through several more cautions and a red flag on lap 55 for Mike Nichols who had come through the pack multiple times but would catch a wheel and come to a hard stop. Mike was Ok but the car was done for the day. After a long clean up, the race was ready to resume but mother nature intervened as she has so many times this season. Under a steady downpour the race had to be called official being 2/3 complete. Sharpsteen would be followed by Brian Wozniak, who had come back from an early race spin, Eric Hadley would hang on for third, track regular Steve Hoffman was fourth and Nick Robinson was 5th.

NYSS thanks the Evergreen management and team for hosting a fine facility and a well-run show and we are excited for the future potential with our series and their teams.

Heats were won by Dinzler, Wozniak and Robinson. The B Main was won by Kevin Higgins
Feature: SHARPSTEEN, Wozniak, Hadley, Hoffman, Robinson, Brown, Peckham, Halecki, Higgins, Adams, Fink, Nichols, Chapman, Atkins, Vogler, Dinzler, Petroski, Pollack, Hyman, Underwood DNQ Halecki, Spencer, Lane, Morgan Jr. DNS Finnochario, Noe

In front of the largest crowd in years, local driver Tommy Catalano put on a show, but was thought to have come up short until first finisher and NYSS dominator, Chris Finocchario, refused an engine inspection. What a contrast for these two; Chris continued his domination by winning his heat, drawing the pole position and leading all 50 laps of the main event. Tommy on the other hand was loaned back his old chassis with only one week to prepare, father Dave Catalano was nursing some physical issues and even had arm surgery the morning of the event. During practice, an axle bearing broke, and an unsuccessful repair caused his early exit in the heat. A competitor loaned Tommy a spare axle which allowed him to qualify by winning the 24 car B-Main, starting from the rear. Starting near the back of the 26 car field, with great driving and with other fast cars failing to finish, Tommy gave the crowd a show running side by side with Finocchario but settling in for what was thought to be second place at the finish.

A field of 45 cars formed 5 strong qualifying events with every driving fighting for the last qualifying spot to avoid the B-Main. The heats ended with some wrinkled fenders but none of the starters crashed out as feared might happen. The B-Main was the battle all anticipated as only 4 of the 24 cars would qualify for the A-Main. Two multi car wrecks delayed the start of Catalano’s run but the attrition helped him get near the front pack by lap 4. That’s when Dale Lazzaro’s rear bumper and Tommy’s front bumper clanged sending Lazzaro hard in to the back stretch wall. After a few more laps Catalano passed early leader Shaun Frarey and Terry Cheetham. Also making a spectacular run through the field was Nate Robinson taking the fourth and final qualifying spot. But there was a twist. The winner of the Shirley Zacharias B-Main could accept $500 and call it a night or transfer to the A-Main. If declined each of the finishers had to weigh the same options. With everyone choosing to move on the $500 went to 5th place finisher Eric Hadley. Two NYSS provisional spots were awarded to Briana Dinzler and Matt Larrivee. Both drivers were delighted as they had both suffered crashes and mechanical issues earlier in the evening.

With fireworks announcing the starting formation, fans, drivers and crew were ready and excited. With 3 previous DLM winners in the field the story was about to unfold. The first 5 laps saw great action all around leading to a spin but no damage for Steve Pesarek. The restart had its issues as several mid pack cars had contact resulting in rookie Kenny Atkins riding the wall tires before resting at an odd angle ending Atkins night. The next restart would roll into several laps of green flag racing. Finocchario and the other fast cars set a fast but steady pace, lapping about half the field. The next caution was due to a pack of slow cars battling for position and holding up an impatient Finocchario. The lap 33 restarts got the officials involved as Chris and Lee Sharpsteen worked hard to unsettle their competitor. The race for second was heated as Jake Wylie tried every way to get past Lee, eventually diving for an opening and spinning out, collecting Lee and the next group of fast cars, Jim Steffenhagen Jr. and Tim Gullo. Sadly, Jim and Tim would be out due to damage received. With and Jake and Lee coming back from the rear, Tommy Catalano was now contending with Chris for the win. Fans were on their feet to watch Tommy and Chris battle and they followed Lee and Jake as they roared through the field. Wylie was using some elbow to get through the field as laps were winding down but contact while passing Dylan Bancroft for third sent Jake on a long slide and hard hit into the front stretch concrete. Shortly after, Lee retired leaving Tommy as the sole challenger to Chris. The final 5 laps kept those fans standing and cheering as Chris took the checker followed by Tomy Catalano, Dylan Bancroft third and being watched by his proud father who was at his first race after being severely injured in a shop accident.  Fourth went to Willie Strusz and fifth was another B-Main qualifier, Nick Robinson. After Finocchario’s DQ, the "lone racer" Nate Peckham became the official fifth place finisher.

Jody London thanks everyone who helped make this an event to remember along with his father. With a total payout of over $20,000 from all forms of sponsorship, purse and donations. This event has clearly become the annual event for Super Stock teams. Thanks again to each of you.

HEAT 1: T. Gullo, J. Wylie, B. Coyle, J. Schoonmaker.
HEAT 2: N. Peckham, S. Pesarek, J. Steffenhagen Jr., D. Bancroft.
HEAT 3: R. Fink, M. Spencer, G. Noe, K. Atkins.
HEAT 4: S. Wylie, W. Strusz, M. Hyman, S. Dinzler.
HEAT 5: C. Finocchario, L. Sharpsteen, Z. Willis, C. Vogler.

  B-MAIN (20-laps): TOMMY CATALANO, Nick Robinson, Shaun Frarey, Terry Cheetham, Eric Hadley, Rob Miszcak, Bob Ripley, J.R. Mooney, Joel Gleason, Jeff Whalen, Brianna Dinzler, Mike Nichols, Ray Marshall, Matt Larrivee, Dale Lazzaro, Scott Underwood, Kelly Miller, Roger Worden, Ron Underwood, Brandon Larner, Todd Blair, Joe Miller, Kevin Ide, Jason Dinzler, DNS: Aaron Higgins

  FEATURE (50-laps): TOMMY CATALANO, Dylan Bancroft, Willie Strusz, Nick Robinson, Nathan Peckham, Mike Hyman, Terry Cheetham, Robert Fink, Josh Schoonmaker, Chris Vogler, Scott Dinzler, Shaun Frarey, Brianna Dinzler, Mark Spencer, Lee Sharpsteen, Jake Wylie, Scott Wylie, Zach Willis, Tim Gullo, Jim Steffenhagen, Matt Larrivee, Billy Coyle, Steve Pesarek, Gary Noe, Kenny Atkins DQed: Chris Finocchario

Press Releases and Results / Finocchario Unstopable-Takes Win #5 n a Row
« on: August 20, 2017, 11:24:49 AM »
No Stopping Finocchario, Grabs 5th NYSS Win In A Row

Friday, the NY Super Stocks finished off their rain delayed feature from the 11th at Spencer Speedway. Heats had been completed the week before so the field was set and the racers were eager to run the last event before the big upcoming Dave London Memorial this coming Friday. After the redraw, Southern Tier ace (and new dad) Lee Sharpsteen found himself setting the pace for the field with Zach Willis outside pole. Mr. Domination, Chris Finocchario would be starting 9th with a lot of quick cars in front of him. Chris was not going to get to the front easily this night.

At the green flag Sharpsteen grabbed the lead with Willis dropping behind him to secure second. With the DLM on driver’s minds, the racing was close and clean. Lap four was the first of only four cautions on the night. Finocchario was not getting the benefit of cautions to help him move up. From lap 14 the crowd and teams watched Chris slowly work his way through the field, eventually securing second but with only five laps remaining, the raced look like Sharpsteen’s. Suddenly on lap 22, high point contender Chris Vogler spun after some contact and Briana Dinzler took evasive action to avoid hard contact negating her best run of the year. With three laps to go the restart saw Lee on the pole, Chris on the outside and the fans on their feet. Lee grabbed the lead but Chris was too close to be denied and took the lead on lap 23 and secured win #5 in a row! Sharpsteen rolled to second, Josh Schoonmaker came home third, his best ever finish. Willis held on for 4th and Dylan Bancroft took home 5th.

Notes: Dylan’s dad is home recovering from his shop accident, wanted to come watch his son, but momma said no (for now). We will be seeing him soon and wish him well. The only car not able to return was the #3 of Jimmy Steffenhagen Jr., Jimmy is the only driver to beat Finocchario this season.

Heats (8/11) were won by Billy Coyle, Finocchario, and rookie Mike Hyman (his first heat win).

Feature (8/18): FINOCCHARIO, Sharpsteen, Schoonmaker, Willis, Bancroft, Peckham, Hyman, Pesarek, Cheetham, Frarey, Coyle, J. Dinzler, Vogler, Lazzaro, S. Dinzler, Atkins, Blair, Gleason, B. Dinzler, Stone, K. Miller, Larner, Ide, J. Miller

Finocchario Goes Four In A Row With Latest NYSS Win

By Tom Fecteau

July 28th, Spencer Speedway - Lazzaro Performance Night saw 27 NY Super Stock drivers take the green flag for another night of slam bang action. Several cautions and one red flag would once again test drivers and crews to try and keep Chris out of the winner’s circle. With Nate Peckham and Dylan Bancroft pacing the field, the 25 lap main event got off to a roaring start with 4 laps of great side by side racing before the first caution for two disabled cars. The restart went for one and a half laps before Willie Strusz made contact with Peckham and as the front runners spun the rest of the field scrambled as they were flying full throttle. No one was hurt but 7 competitors would receive substantial damage eventually claiming 5 of them by nights end. All this action put Billy Coyle in the lead with Chris not far behind. After 3 short cautions, racing resumed with Finocchario taking the lead on Lap 11. One more quick caution set the race up for 9 laps of green flag action. With wounded competitors leaking fluid, the track became ever more slippery with 2 late cautions closing out the racing action. Once again Chris had dodged mayhem and a tough track to claim victory #4 of the season and showing everyone, he is the man to beat as we near the Dave London Memorial-DLMX. Last year’s DLM winner Billy Coyle finished a strong 2nd, with consistent Chris Vogler close behind. Robert Fink and Steve Pesarek completed the top 5.

NYSS race #6 will be Friday, August 11 at Spencer Speedway. This will be the final chance for teams to test their cars before the 50 Lap DLMX on August 25th and can anyone keep Chris out of the winner's circle?

Heats were won by Josh Schoonmaker, Finocchario, Vogler and Strusz

Feature: CHRIS FINOCCHARIO, Billy Coyle, Chris Vogler, Robert Fink, Steve Pesarek, Willie Strusz, Kelly Miller, Scott Dinzler, Shaun Frarey, Zach Willis, Todd Blair, Tommy Reese, Dale Lazzaro, Bob Ripley, Brian Wozniak, Joel Gleason, Nathan Peckham, Brianna Dinzler, Nathan Worden, Zak Petrie, Josh Schoonmaker (DNF), Kevin Ide (DNF), Kenny Atkins (DNF), Matt Larrivee (DNF), Dylan Bancroft (DNF), Mike Hyman (DNF), Joe Miller (DNF) DNS: Jason Dinzler, Brandon Larner

NYSS Edges Out Mother Nature-Finocchario Takes Third Win Handily
Friday July 14, 2017
By Tom Fecteau

Williamson, NY- The NY SuperStock Series once again dodged the weather by inches Friday at Spencer Speedway but Chris Finocchario took the win by a comfortable margin. Race #4 in the series was sponsored by Computers By JD which resulted in fans seeing a ton of close racing action and fun activities for fans of all ages. On the track, there seemed to be storms forming as fans witnessed more cautions and door to door battles for every qualifying spot in each heat event. Figuratively AND literally dark clouds were forming.

Come main event time, the redraw would give Josh Schoonmaker the pole position with series regular Chris Vogler leading the full 24 car field to the green flag. And then all “you know what” broke out. With a car falling off the pace almost immediately, drivers in almost every row were either getting shoved or were taking unexpected evasive action before getting to the apex of turn one. As the sparks and crunching sounds subsided the red flag was displayed. With over 16 cars involved, sadly, six cars were done for the night.

On the restart things would go green for a number of laps as Chris Vogler would set the early pace and was hoping that Finocchario would have a tough time getting through the field from his 10th place restart position. While the fast #8 of Finocchario picked his way through the front runners, several other fast cars were roaring back up through the field. Finocchario followed Vogler until a bobble between 3 & 4 allowed the yellow #8 to take the lead. With heated battles forming all through the pack, the tight racing action would result in several more cautions for spins, crashes and flat tires. Hard luck would especially hit recent points leader Zak Willis when a spin and crash would end his night with just a couple laps remaining. The race would end with a Green, White, Checker. With little worry, Finocchario cruised home for win #3 of the season. Chris Vogler’s solid second place finish puts him now atop the series points standings. Our rookies had a rough night but #87 Mike Hyman survived to finish 8th, his best of the season.

The NYSS series next event will be July 28th at Spencer Speedway in Williamson, NY and sponsored by Lazzaro Performance. Expect more out of town teams to attend as they tune up for our premier event on August 25th: The 10th Annual Dave London Memorial.

HEAT 1: B. Coyle, S. Pesarek, S. Frarey, B. Dinzler, M. Ramsey.
HEAT 2: Z. Willis, K. Atkins, J. Miller, J. Schoonmaker, N. Peckham.
HEAT 3: C. Finocchario, D. Bancroft, M. Hyman, C. Vogler, K. Miller.

FEATURE (26-laps): CHRIS FINOCCHARIO, Chris Vogler, Dylan Bancroft, Shaun Frarey, Robert Fink, Kelly Miller, Steve Pesarek, Mike Hyman, Matt Larrivee, Brianna Dinzler, Joe Miller, Nathan Worden, Zach Willis, Lee Sharpsteen, Josh Schoonmaker, Brandon Larner, Joel Gleason, Mark Ramsey, Billy Coyle, Ken Atkins, Nathan Peckham, Dale Lazzaro, Jason Dinzler, Terry Cheetham.

Press Releases and Results / NYSS AIS Results
« on: July 02, 2017, 12:48:07 PM »
Finocchario Wins NYSS Firecracker 50 at Adirondack International Speedway
Saturday July 1, 2017

New Breman, NY- Amid strong thunderstorms across Central NY, the NY Superstock Series gambled that mother nature would give everyone a break and allow some racing up in the North Country on this holiday weekend. Drivers itching to get back to racing drove for hours from all across NY state, PA and NC to do battle, and battle they did. After some fast and clean qualifying events, the main event would prove to be an unintended enduro. Eleven cautions, mostly for individual spins or two car tangles, would result in some wary drivers and a couple cars running out of fuel.

The NYSS presented by Aratari Auto Finishers started 22 cars in the Northcoast Performance Parts 50 Lap special with Joe Miller and Chris Finocchario leading them to the green. After a great side by side first lap Chris took the top spot from Joe but quickly, a multi car accident on the front straight collected several cars and brought out the first of many cautions. This wreck would eventually be the demise of top performer, Jim Steffenhagen Jr. and Rookie of the Year contender Joel Gleason. Finocchario would hold the top spot through the entire event fending off challenges from several drivers who had run AIS in the past. On one restart 2016 AIS Champion Dylan Bancroft nearly grabbed the lead away with a strong inside move. Chris fought hard to secure the lead and was never seriously challenged the rest of the race. Chris would bring his beautiful car home for the win followed by Dylan Bancroft, Billy Coyle, rookie Kenny Atkins (his best finish of the season) and Hard Charger Chris Vogler who started last in the 22 car field.

The Aratari Auto Finishers NYSS next event will be July 14th at Spencer Speedway in Williamson, NY

Heat #1 Finoccahrio, Steffenhagen jr, Gleason, S Dinzler, Ide, B Dinzler, Petrie, Vogler
Heat #2 Coyle, Peckham, J Dinzler, Adams, Wozniak, Larrivee, Halliday
Heat #3 Bancroft, Miller, Hyman, Atkina, Willis, Blair, Perez

Feature: Finocchario, Bancroft, Coyle, Atkins, Vogler, Willis, Miller, Peckham, Wozniak, Blair, B. Dinzler, S. Dinzler, Larrivee, Perez, Hyman, Ide, Adams, J. Dinzler, Gleason, Steffenhagen Jr, Petrie, Halliday

If you know of any Mopar Dirt cars (Street Stocks, Bombers, similar), shoot me a note at

Great fanand competitor support for this class. Outstanding.

Racing Discussion / Re: Four days and no response from RaceNY
« on: September 19, 2014, 01:25:50 AM »
My id was set up before I even asked for one. Guess he knew I liked racing stuff (plus that was back a few years ago)

Each time I start smoking my racing "crack" I imagine myself at Lancaster on Friday for practice (helping a teammate), Saturday at AIS with the 37X, then Sunday morning at Lancaster for ROC Mod action. Anyone with a private plane, helicopter, time machine, chauffeur that likes driving long distances and hates sleeping?

Before I am totally immersed in the ROC weekend I want to thank the the lap sponsors (usually I'm giving not getting, nice change) for this race: The Lippa family made several contributions, Charlie Ridels (where I get my burger fix when I'm in the area), C&D Automotive - thanks Dean, Curtis Gilbert - hope you liked my heat race, and from "anonymous" which I'm guessing is Tom. I also want to thank Fetterly's dog because 1) I like dogs 2) every time I petted the dog I got an envelope.

And a big thanks to Jason Dinzler for giving me a car where I could be a competitive racer and to my team of John, Terry and Doug for keeping me on the track and moving forward. That was a blast.

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