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BECHTELSVILLE, PA. August 9, 2020 . . . Duane Howard, the defending Grandview Speedway NASCAR T.P.Trailers Modified point champion, sidelined early in the Forrest Rogers Memorial race the previous Saturday night with shock problems, was back with a vengeance this time and became the seventh different feature winner this season by taking home the checkered in the 30-lap T.P. Trailers NASCAR Modified Advance Auto Parts feature. It was Howard’s first win of the year at the 1/3-mile oval moving his career win total to 78.

Another defending point champion struggling had been Brad Brightbill. He finally had a change of luck to become the seventh different 25-lap T.P. Truck Equipment NASCAR Sportsman feature winner which was also his first win of the season and 11th career triumph.

Providing the feature winners met the necessary requirements, they received monetary awards from T.P. Trailers and a certificate from VP Fuels for product awards. The Dan’s Deli ½-way hoagie award recipients were Howard and Brightbill. Decker Swinehart earned an extra $100 bonus from the track for being the highest crate engine Sportsman racer to finish.

Polesitter and rookie Darrin Schuler set the pace for seven laps while Mark Kratz, Kenny and Brett Gilmore and Ron Haring Jr. juggled positions behind him. Howard joined the mix with five laps in the books as he advanced from 12th to fifth.

Ron Myers brought out the seventh lap caution when he slowed in the second turn. On the restart Howard, who by this time was running second, put the Norm Hansell owned No. 357 at the head of the pack.

Swapping paint behind him were Doug Manmiller, Craig Von Dohren, Schuler and K. Gilmore which allowed him to open some daylight.

The pack regrouped on the 14th lap when Jared Umbenhauer and Mike Lisowski tangled in the second turn as a result of the cars ahead of them dicing for positions giving no margin to error creating the situation. Despite Manmiller’s attempts to overtake Howard on the restart Howard was still in front.

Mike Gular, on the move from his 21st starting grid after winning the consi and running fifth, brought out the caution. Sparks were coming from his car previously bringing him to a stop in turn two and the yellow to be thrown. As action resumed Howard was off and running with Manmiller, Von Dohren, Briggs Danner and Kevin Hirthler right behind waiting for a Howard false move in hopes of advancement.

Brett Kressley, last week’s feature winner, set up a one lap shoot out when he stopped in the first turn with mechanical problems. Kressley, who went pit side earlier in the event, one of the previous caution periods and rejoined the pack in last, was running a solid fifth when misfortune struck. That didn’t deter Howard as he kept the momentum going and went on to the winner’s circle. Chasing him across the line were Manmiller, Von Dohren, Danner and Ryan Grim. Sixth through tenth were Hirthler, who was the Hard Charger coming from 22nd; K. Gilmore, Umbenhauer, Dillon Steuer, a rookie racer in his first outing; and Justin Grim.

Ray Swinehart, Schuler, Haring Jr. and Eric Biehn won the heats. The consies went to Gular and Hirthler.

Sportsman action saw B.J. Joly finally have a change of luck and show the way for two laps before Brad Arnold spun in the fourth turn for the yellow. Decker Swinehart became the new leader on the restart while Joly, Mike Mammana, Jesse Landis and Brid Brightbill tousled for positions.

By the 11th lap Brightbill advanced to second in pursuit of getting past Swinehart for first.

The red was thrown on the 13th lap after Mark Gaugler rode the second turn wall. When action went green again Brightbill shot past Swinehart on the outside and into the lead.

The battle for second through fifth was now between Swinehart, Mammana, Joly and Jack Butler.

On the 14th lap Mark Kemmerer got into Joly, had him sideways, but Joly somehow saved the car and kept going without an accident, but it cost him several positions as the field went by without incident on their part.

Butler took over second on the 16th lap and set his sights on Brightbill, but his quest ended on the 23rd lap when he pulled into the infield out of competition.

Brightbill never faltered and went on to score the win. Finishing second was Mammana followed by Kemmerer, Swinehart and Brian Hirthler. Rounding out the top ten were Landis, Kyle Smith, Cole Stangle, Joly and Nate Brinker.

Heats were won by Tom Miller, Landis and Nate Mohr. Brinker won the consi.

The 3-lap Diamond Disposal Cash Dash sponsored by Sportsman driver John Mc Govern worth $100 to the winner went to Ryan Beltz. Kemmerer received $75 with Brad Arnold getting $50. Rather than it being heat winners, it was the sixth place finishers competing. Scott Kohler actually finished sixth in the third heat, but opted out which put Kemmerer in the field.

Coming up on Saturday, August 15th, is a tripleheader show featuring the T.P.Trailers NASCAR Modifieds, T.P.Truck Equipment Sportsman and Blast From the Past Vintage racers. Spectator gates open at 5:30 pm. With the first racing event getting the green flag at 7:30 p.m. The weekly Meet & Greet takes place in the main gate area starting at 5 p.m. Adult admission for the tripleheader is $15 while youngsters under 12 are admitted free.

On Saturday, August 22, another exciting doubleheader with Modifieds and Sportsman. And then on Saturday, August 29, Excel 600 Modifieds are combined with the Mods and Sportsman for another exciting tripleheader.

Lap sponsorships, $20 each, for the 50th annual Freedom 76 remain available by contacting Tommy Kramer or Tina Rogers at the track. Several laps have already been claimed for the 50th Annual Classic.


T. P. Trailers Modified Feature (30-laps): 1. Duane Howard, 2. Doug Manmiller, 3. Craig Von Dohren, 4. Briggs Danner, 5. Ryan Grim, 6. Kevin Hirthler, 7. Kenny Gilmore, 8. Jared Umbenhauer, 9. Dillon Steuer, 10. Justin Grim, 11. Dan Waisempacher, 12. Louden Reimert, 13. Darrin Schuler, 14. Bobby Gunther-Walsh (alternate), 15. Carroll Hine III, 16. Ron Haring Jr., 17. Ron Myers, 18. Mark Kratz, 19. Brett Kressley, 20. Mike Gular, 21. Jeff Strunk, 22. Mike Lisowski, 23. Brad Grim, 24. Ryan Lilick, 25. Brett Gilmore, 26. Kyle Weiss, 27. Richie Hitzler, 28. Eric Biehn. DNS: Ray Swinehart. DNQ: Mark Levy, John Willman, Colt Harris and Dylan Swinehart.

T.P. Trailers Truck Equipment Sportsman Feature (25-laps): 1. Brad Brightbill, 2. Mike Mammana, 3. Mark Kemmerer, 4. Decker Swinehart, 5. Brian Hirthler, 6. Jesse Landis, 7. Kyle Smith, 8. Cole Stangle, 9. B.J. Joly, 10. Nate Brinker, 11. Kyle Lilick, 12. Ryan Beltz, 13. Jimmy Leiby, 14. Brad Arnold, 15. Dakota Kohler, 16. Nathan Mohr, 17. John McGovern, 18. Lex Shive, 19. Jesse Leiby, 20. Chris Esposito, 21. Jack Butler, 22. Kenny Bock, 23. Mark Gaugler, 24. Scott Kohler, 25. Tom Miller. DNQ: Beau Drobot, Chuck Eckert, Nick Faust, Parker Guldin, Ryan Laise, Bryan Rhoads, Steve Young and Jesse Leiby.

Tegg & Phelps Take First Checkered Flags Of Season At Land Of Legends
Sprinter Parrow doubles as Guererri, Pangrazio, Burnell close out colossal Canandaigua card

*Gil Tegg Jr. victory lane photo attachment by Don Romeo

Canandaigua, NY – Aug. 8, 2020 – Tom Skibinski, Land of Legends Raceway PR

Promoter Paul Cole continued to roll the dice and when the clock struck 11 a lucky 7 turned up as just as many features were completed in rapid fashion to close out the latest 'Saturday Spectacular' at Land Of Legends Raceway.

Good fortune also reigned on open-wheel veterans Gil Tegg Jr. and Jimmy Phelps as they survived late race challenges to capture their first Pepsi Big-Block Modified mains of the season while returning wingman Bobby Parrow doubled up with a pair of victories in Mike Emhof Motorsports 305 Sprint Car competition.

DIRTcar Sportsman standout Matt Guererri posted a track-best fifth triumph while full-fender phenoms Josh Pangrazio (Street Stock) and Tyler Burnell (Hobby Stock) returned to the winner's circle on Lee Depew & Son Trucking Night to extend their respective division point leads.

“Every squirrel finds a big nut once in a while,” remarked Tegg, 49, after the popular Rochester pilot pulled away from all-time Canandaigua winner Alan Johnson to log his first win since May of 2016 using the same chassis. “Up until tonight we've had terrible luck, but the changes we made were perfect and things finally went our way.”

Tegg filed in third on the 26-car starting grid to begin the 35-lap Big-Block finale and watched as front row partners Derrick Podsiadlo and Eldon Payne Jr. swapped the lead early. He grabbed second from Podsiadlo on lap eight then crossed the stripe ahead of Payne two laps later.

Starting ninth and weaving his way under and around the frontrunners just as fast, Johnson cracked the top-5 on lap 11 then disposed of Matt Farnham on a lap 14 restart and runner-up Payne with 20 laps still to go. At the halfway point track regulars and tour stars Billy Dunn and Erick Rudolph had also charged into the front-five while points leader Larry Wight stormed from 10th to sixth on a lap 17 restart.

“Everytime we had a caution I said 'Oh man' and looked up on the (score) board to see who was there,” noted Tegg, following his fourth career Big-Block win at LOLR. “I knew Alan was second and felt there's no way I'm starting on the top with him, so we hung low and held on.”

Last week's winner Dave Marcuccilli slowed in turn four to incur the third and final yellow flag with 10 laps to go yet on this night the red and white Finger Lakes-powered #22G A&G Food Service-Mike Yare Photo-All Star Pizza/Bicknell entry would not be denied.

Tegg easily pulled away on every restart and cruised on to a convincing 10 car-length victory over 'A.J. Slideways' with Wight rallying to cop third-place ahead of Rudolph and Dunn. Making a rare appearance this season, multi-time LOLR points champion Matt Sheppard settled for eighth after pitting to change a left rear shock and spring under caution with 13 laps complete.

“The car came right to us and the track was actually awesome,” added Tegg in victory lane. “Hats off to the (grounds) crew here, it was smooth and it was racy. Man, thank God, we've been struggling all year. Did a couple things, changed a couple things on the car, and I was crossing my fingers. It just worked out really good and we definitely learned something tonight. Have to thank A&G, All Star and Mike Yare and the guys over at Leland Powder Coating, without everybody's help we wouldn't be here.”

In the lead-off 35-lapper delayed by rain the previous weekend, Phelps held off Sheppard to nab the narrow victory under sunny skies over the vacant Ontario County Fairgrounds grandstands. The Baldwinsville driver needed only five laps to overtake pole-sitter Podsiadlo for the lead but the entire distance to secure his seventh checkered flag in wine country.

“We were fortunate the caution came out, Matt definitely had a run on me,” stated Phelps, 45, who could advance no higher than 11th in the nightcap. “Honestly, I got a little lazy there, got trying to protect the bottom. Had been on the top out of (turn) two the whole race so I didn't know where to go down there. My right rear (tire) was finally giving up on me so I moved down and he got on the outside of me. Fortunately, the yellow came out and we were able to move around a bit and carry more speed.”

A handful of caution periods kept the field tight most of the race with Sheppard needing only seven laps to move from his 19th starting position into the Top-10. He knocked off his nearest foes one by one, getting by Tegg for fifth on lap 13, moving past Johnson on lap 14, then James Sweeting for third at the halfway mark.

Phelps reached heavy traffic with 10 to go and when Wight suffered a flat tire on lap 27, 'Super Matt' stole second from Farnham on the ensuing restart. Sheppard closed in to shadow the #98H J&B Installations-Mohawk Northeast-HBR/Bicknell mount and just as he pulled alongside Phelps the fifth and final yellow flag flew on lap 33 as Jimmy Maier's Troyer machine coasted to a stop high in turn three.

Back under green Phelps opened up a comfortable eight-car advantage over Sheppard, with fast closing Tim Fuller, Farnham and Dillon Groover tallying top-5 finishes at the stripe.

“The first yellow was a little bit of a blessing as we were able to clear some of the traffic,” added Phelps, now with two top-five finishes in seven starts. Didn't want to see that #9 pop up on the board there in the top-3, that was a little disheartening, but we were able to hold him off as we had good track position.”

Once out front, cautions were never an issue for Guererri nor was track position a given as the Waterloo wheelman was on the gas pedal from the drop of the green in the fast-paced 25-lap Sportsman feature. He started deep in 20th and motored into the Top-10 by lap 10, then needed eight more times around to pass A.J. Lloyd for the top spot en route to the decisive half-straightaway victory.

“It was just a matter of getting in some clean air to see where your car works best,” described Guererri, 30, who went winless last season aboard the potent #12G Tradition Automotive Group-Product 9-Mohawk Northeast/Bicknell ride. His 11th career triumph vaults him past two-time winner Zach Sobotka (finished 7th) in the point standings by a count of 303-299 through 10 starts. “I passed a bunch of cars on the top so I didn't know if the bottom was any better. Then I got down there on the restart and it was really good so it all worked out.”

Dalton Martin nosed ahead of Nate Peckham to pace the hungry 26-car Sportsman field yet contact on the frontstretch and a reported flat tire as a result ended Peckham's race with four laps scored. Lloyd bolted past Martin on a lap five restart and built up a commanding lead before C.J. Castelletti looped exiting turn one to force out the third and final caution with 10 to go.

The lap 15 restart proved pivotal for Guererri as he navigated the low lane to perfection, improving from seventh to third, then switching to the high side to pass brother Nick Guererri for second after one more time around. He needed just two additional laps to hunt down Lloyd and speed on by for his first win of the month.

Lloyd, Nick Guererri, Ricky Newton and Brian Ridley rounded out the front-five finishers ahead of last Saturday's winner Kevin Ridley.

“I saw Nick was second on that restart and said 'hope he gets that lead,' he's had so much tough luck out here,” said Matt, who joined Nick, Paul and Frank Jr. as the Guererri family members claimed all four qualifying heats in Saturday preliminaries. “I had a great restart. A couple of the guys (ahead of me) slid up off the bottom and I was able to capitalize. The car was good no matter where I went with it. Its unbelievable, I can drive anywhere on the track and it works for me.”

Young Payton Talbot from Gilbertsville made the three-hour haul to Canandaigua pay dividends as he put his no. 14 J.C. Landscaping-Northeast Forestry & Tomber Harvest/HigFab entry in victory lane after the 12-lap Sportsman B-Main.

Matching Tegg as he garnered a heat race victory and mirroring Guererri as he emerged as the new division points leader, Parrow made a clean sweep of the MEM 305 doubleheader for car owner Tom Fletcher who missed out on the memorable wins as he spent the weekend camping in the Adirondacks.

“Feels good but what's really sad is that Tom couldn't be here tonight,” lamented Parrow, 52, a Class of 2017 Empire Super Sprint Hall of Fame inductee whose only other win at LOLR came for ESS in August of 1992 steering the more familiar #80 winged machine. “Wish he was because it would've been his first win but I appreciate him giving me the chance to wheel this car. Been a long time since I drove.”

Fifth-starting Parrow needed just three tours of the half-mile clay oval to duck under pole-sitter Jerry Sehn Jr. in the initial 20-lap A-Main rain-delayed from Aug. 1. A handful of slowdowns for minor spins were all that could hold back the Waterloo warrior as he built up an insurmountable half-straightaway margin at the wire. Trevor Years posted a season-best second-place followed by rehabbing Darryl Ruggles, Sehn and Dan Craun.

“We're doing it all for fun and I have a guy that's been with me since I was 12 years old working on go-carts … and he's still here,” Parrow said. “We're doing this for Cystic Fibrosis, DC Rauscher and Tommy, he owns the whole deal.”

Handicapped to begin seventh in the 20-lap curtain-closer, the #53 D.C. Rauscher-Wings For Cystic Fibrosis/Eagle entry boasting a Ray Preston-prepared powerplant almost failed to run a single lap as Parrow looped in turn one on the opening circuit. But despite running just a dozen events in the past 20 seasons, he showed little rust as he performed a perfect 360-degree spin and kept going without any contact in the 14-car field.

After running as high as second in the first race before motor issues sidelined for the night her own pink #48A sprinter, Alysha Bay buckled into her father Darryl Ruggles' neon yellow no. 48jr. back-up car in time to take the early lead in round two. Rookie Ethan Gray swept around her in turn four to gain his first lead on lap seven before Ruggles out-dragged him for the top spot on lap 12.

With defending points champ Ruggles eyeing his second trophy of the season, Parrow instead took control on lap 17 for his second victory of the night, completing a gallant run to the front by nearly a straightaway at the stripe. Gray, Sehn and Years filled out the front-five on the final scoresheet.

“We're getting better and better, Mike and Charlie keep working with the set-ups every week and tonight we had to do some other changes,” added Parrow, who vaulted from fourth to first on the points chart, now with six top-five finishes in seven events to lead Bay (322-308) heading down the stretch. “The longer we go the better we get. We got a little tire rub down in turn one and it wasn't by myself this week. It was a great night and we're having fun getting the car to work a little better every time out.”

Sperring gets first ever in American Racer Sportsman, Collins Jr., Morgan, Ellison, Doolittle and Decker continue to rack up feature victories.
Story by Kenny Shupp Jr.
(Dundee, NY) As they have on numerous occasions thus far in 2020, Super Matt Sheppard in the Friendly Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Modified Division along with Glen Whritenour in the Stan’s No Tubes Street Stocks continue to dominate their respective classes.  Several weeks ago, track owner, Tyler Siri placed Bounty Money on both competitors for any regular or invader that can upend either racer in their feature events while both are still running at the completion.  Again, on Friday, August 7 both men completely dominated their events thus the cash will roll over to the following race night. 
Boss Man, Tyler Siri along with Eldon Payne brought the twenty-two car Modified field to the opening green flag as Siri would lead the first seven laps and looked poised to win and collect the added $1,500 for taking down Super Matt.  However, Sheppard had other ideas and soared into the top spot on lap eight and from there opened up a as much as an eight second lead and had lapped cars up to the seventh position before the one and only caution flag of the  race waved with just a pair of laps remaining.  From there all Super Matt had to do was keep Erick Rudolph at bay for the remaining two laps and visit victory lane for the seventh time in 2020.  With another easy win for Sheppard, the action behind the high flying 9s machine was at a fever pitch as numerous drivers were working thru traffic in an attempt to make it to a top finishing spot.  Second place finisher, Rudolph led the charge having started just one spot behind Sheppard on the opening green flag. Fourth place finisher, AJ Slideways, Alan Johnson began the thirty-lap grind right behind both Sheppard and Rudolph.  Like Siri, who finished third the fifth-place machine of Eldon Payne started on the front row, ran with the lead pack all race long and came home with a solid top five finish.  With Matt Sheppard’s win the $1,500 Bounty now will go onto the August 15 event and with the regular season rapidly concluding the big question is can anyone dethrone Super Matt before the last point event on August 29, 2020. 
In the Stan’s No Tubes Street Stocks feature event, Glen Whritenour continues to use the Outlaw Speedway as his personal play pen as he lined up eleventh on the starting grid, moved to third by lap three, chased then leader CJ Guererri until he ran into problems on lap eight.  Once in front GW opened up what appeared to be an insurmountable advantage over a group of very good drivers and equipment including the likes of Jake Karlnoski who wound up second at the finish, John Carpenter who was third, Quinn Sutherland who wound up fourth along with Shawn Boyton who completed the top five.  Even a late race caution on lap sixteen which would bunch the field back up could not slow down the fast 15 machine as Whritenour cruised to his sixth feature win of 2020 which includes the last five in a row and with that the $250 Bounty will go on one more week. 
In the Sunrise Insulation American Racer Tire Sportsman Division another solid field of some seventeen cars took to the speedway for their twenty-five-lap feature event.  Troy Sperring has been a consistent runner week in and week out at the Outlaw Speedway during the 2020 season and he took full advantage of his pole position starting spot to lead throughout the event and come home with his first ever trip to victory lane at the Yates County Speed Plant.  Sperring can now add his name to a who’s who list of drivers that have picked up feature event wins at Outlaw thus far.  In a magnificent display of driving Sperring was able to hold off second place finisher and one-time feature winner, Billy Paine.  2018 class Track Champion, Chris Fisher once again produced a solid effort in coming home third at the finish as he was chased across the line by 2020 feature winner, Alex Payne. Travis Grover continues to impress by rounding the top five finishers.  The entire top five finishing group all started the feature event within the top seven positions and with equality among the competition, passing is at a premium and it will come as no surprise if the list of new feature winners grows prior to seasons end.  Thus far in the nine Sunrise Insulation American Racer Tire Crate Sportsman feature events that have been run this season, seven different faces have visited victory lane with Ajay Potrzebowski the only repeat winner. 
In the companion Hoosier Tire Crate Sportsman Division, Tommy Collins Jr. was to tough to handle on this night at he lined up ninth on the start, got to the point by lap nine and cruised to his third win in 2020.  Tim Guild and Travis Grover brought the sixteen car field to the opening green flag for the twenty-five lap affair as Guild along with his team mate, Stacy Jackson who started in the second row would control the top two positions thru lap four when Tommy Paine would take over the lead.  Paine, in his rookie season continues to impress as he would hold court at the top of the heap thru lap eight when Collins would assume the lead and go on from there.  Only a couple caution flags would slow the pace as Collins was able to once again display his mastery on the Hoosier tire brand and at the double checkered flags had a full second and a half lead over the second place machine of Zach Sobotka.  Grover would run with the lead pack all race long in holding down the third spot at the end as Tommy Paine held off three-time 2020 class feature winner and the defending Track Champion, Will Shields as they would finish fourth and fifth.   
The Hobby Stock Division continues to grow in numbers, but it is still the Wayne Ellison show as he was able to win both the make-up feature from July 10 in convincing style, and after a post-race disqualification by apparent regular night feature winner, Nick Stark, Ellison was declared the winner in that event as well bringing his 2020 win total to seven with many asking the question, “Will a Bounty on Wayne Ellison be coming next”?  In the make-up Ellison was clearly the class of the field as his immaculate looking 18 machine runs as good as it looks as he held off the only driver to beat him this year in the two time and defending Track Champion, Marc Minutolo.  Jeremy Trank continues his impressive year by finishing third in the make-up as he was chased across the line by Bruce Kinner and Justin Eldredge who completed the top five finishers.
In the nightcap, it did not come nearly as easy for Ellison as he lined up in his customary mid pack starting position and with a pair of good runners in Frank Bubba Burnell and Nick Stark starting on the front row both Minutolo and Ellison who began the twenty lap event in row six had their work cut out for them.  With Minutolo having problems early that left Wayne Ellison still having to negotiate thru a top notch running group of drivers and machinery and as the double checkered flags waved it appeared as though the Wayne Ellison dominance in the division had finally had come to an end at the hands of Nick Stark.  However, in a post-race inspection, Stark was found with an infraction and was relegated to last and with that handed the win to Ellison.  With everyone moving up at position Justin Eldredge claimed the runner-up spot followed by the third-place machine of Jack Ayers who had his best finish since a bone jarring, multiple side over side front straight a way flip several weeks ago.  Fourth place went to Jeremy Trank who capped off a great night while Casey Wagner rounded out the top five.
In IMCA Modified feature action, 2018 Track Champion, Rodney Morgan finally got back on track after being shut out of victory lane since June 26 as he cruised to the win.  Morgan, who completely dominated the class by winning the first four events to open the 2020 campaign was in a class all by himself as he went on to win number five holding off track regular and one time feature winner, Shawn Bruce who was second.  Bumps Scutt continues his consistent 2020 season as he was third at the finish followed across the line by Jeff Austin and Bad Brad Smith who completed the top five finishers. 
In the youth Winner’s Circle Deli Bandit Division Ethan Decker was once again victorious and with his victory extends his point lead in the class.
Last but certainly not least the Mighty 4 Cylinders have been basically dominated by a pair of competitors in Bob Doolittle and Jeremy Bunn.  Only Scott Lehman Jr. and Ray Hyer have upended the Doolittle/Bunn onslaught in the class and unfortunately for the rest of the field this night would be no different as the top two in the class were once again chasing each other to the feature win.  At the completion of the twenty-lap affair it was Bob Doolittle claiming his fourth win of 2020 as he was able to hold off four-time feature winner and current high point man, Jeremy Bunn who had to settle for second place.  Chasing the lead duo across the line was Scott Lehman, Ray Hyer and Jason Smart. 
Congratulations to all competitors!
Coming up next week at Outlaw Speedway the trend will continue with another Super 7 Show featuring all the tracks regular adult classes plus the youth Bandit Division.
With the facility still at the mercy of NYS Governor and NYS Health Department protocol calling for no spectators in the grandstand seating area it will be pit admission only.  For those that can not attend, online viewing is available by going to
Pit Gates for the August 14 show open at 5:30 pm with hot laps at 6:30. The first green flag of the night is scheduled to wave at 7:30. 
With the weeks winding down in the regular season schedule the point battles in all classes now start to become much more visible and even though several drivers in most classes have racked up multiple feature wins there are still no run away point leaders.
For a closer look at the current point standings along with other valuable information relevant to the track simply log on at
As the Friday, August 14 event draws closer added information about the event will be posted on

Friendly Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram Modifieds.  (22 cars)
30 lap feature.  Matt Sheppard (7), Erick Rudolph, Alan Johnson, Tyler Siri, Eldon Payne, Danny Johnson,  Ron Cartwright Jr., Jordan Siri, Steve Paine, Jim LaRock, Kyle Coffey, Chris Ostrowsky, Brad Weaver, Lance Dusett, Brady Fultz, Greg Birosh, Matt Cole, Cory Costa, Kailee DiMorier, Justin Wright, Ed Lawrence, Brian Swarthout

Sunrise Insulation American Racer Tire Crate Sportsman.  (17 cars)
25 lap feature.  Troy Sperring, Billy Paine, Chris Fisher, Alex Payne, Travis Grover, Will Shields, Casey Wagner, Kaiden Dgien, Zach Sobotka, Karl Comfort, Dale Welty, Bryan Rhodes, March Schenck, Chris Hall, Ran Dann, Justice Mayo, Ajay Potrzebowski. 

Hoosier Tire Crate Sportsman (16 cars)
25 lap feature.  Tommy Collins Jr. (3), Zach Sobotka, Travis Grover, Tommy Paine, Will Shields, Zach George, Stacy Jackson, Tim Guild, Brett Buono, Casey Williams, Bryan Rhodes, Brandon Butler, JT Sperring, AJ Lloyd, Anthony Kimble, Alex Payne. 

Stan’s No Tubes Street Stocks.  (16 cars)
20 lap feature.  Glen Whritenour (6), Jake Karlnoski, John Carpenter, Quinn Sutherland, Shawn Boyton, Jared Hill, Carl Johnson, Lance Albanese, Kane Stebbins, Aksel Jensen, Gene Balmer, Aaron Miller, CJ Guererri, Zach Teed, John Burritt, Jeremy Potrzebowski. 

IMCA Modifieds.  (7 cars) 
20 lap feature.  Rodney Morgan (5), Shawn Bruce, Bumps Scutt, Jeff Austin, Brad Smith, Kevin Smith, Rich Karlnoski

IMCA Hobby Stocks.  (18 cars)
20 lap feature.  Wayne Ellison (7), Justin Eldredge, Jack Ayers, Jeremy Trank, Casey Wagner, Amber Pierce, Allison Pierce, Zach Kinner, Matt Sullivan, Jamie Eldredge Jr., Bruce Kinner, Kenny Hunt, Frank Burnell, John Oles, Marc Minutolo.  DNS, Jamie Eldredge, Jason Clugstone.  DQ, Nick Stark.

IMCA Hobby Stock Make-up Feature from July 10. 2020
20 laps.  Wayne Ellison (6), Marc Minutolo, Jeremy Trank, Bruce Kinner, Justin Eldredge, Jamie Eldredge Jr., Allison Pierce, Amber Pierce, Zach Kinner, Matt Sullivan, Jamie Eldredge, Jack Ayers, Nick Stark, Josh Oles, Kenny Hunt, Jason Clugstone.  DNS, Grayson Albanese, Josh Turner, Charlie Towner, Glen Aumick. 

4 Cylinders (18 cars)
20 lap feature.  Bob Doolittle (4), Jeremy Bunn, Scott Lehman, Ray Hyer, Jason Smart, Scott Lehman Jr., Robert Decker, Lee Fritz, Kenneth Evans, ShiAnn LaBarr, Steve Perkins, Desi Force, Mike Webster, Derrick Evans, Sammy Fuller, Dakota Spicer, Mike Stone, Matt Irwin.
Winner’s Circle Deli Bandits.   Feature.  Ethan Decker

KIRKWOOD, NY…The 70th consecutive year of racing at Five Mile Point Speedway has certainly been one of a kind.  The speedway has been forced to keep the spectator grandstand closed throughout the season due to NYS Covid-19 guidelines.  This has not slowed any of the enthusiasm of the 70th Anniversary Season as racing has continued on Saturday nights.
Fans have a unique opportunity this Monday evening to see the 56th running of the Heath Memorial for Modifieds live through a multi-camera pay per view broadcast.  The broadcast is only $19.99 and includes all of the racing on Monday evening.  The live broadcast can be seen at Racing begins at 7 p.m.  Pit gates open at 4:30 p.m. with practice set for 6:15 p.m. The racing program will include the Insinger Performance Crate Sportsman, Factory Stocks, 600 Modifieds, FWD Four Cylinders and Juniors.
This Monday the speedway will host the re-scheduled 56th Heath Memorial.  The race was postponed to August with the original hope that the spectator grandstand could be open at this point.  That is still not the case.  Despite this, teams are ready to do battle for the 30 lap $2,000 to win Modified headliner.  Travis Smith is the defending race winner.
The Heath Memorial honors Irving and Anna Heath who founded the speedway in 1951.  Mr. Heath passed away in 1965 and Anna kept the speedway alive owning until her passing in 2004.  Her grandson Andrew Harpell purchased the speedway prior to her passing and owns to this day.
This Monday five championship drivers will be added to the 65 All-Time Greatest Drivers list bringing the total to 70.  All five drivers are past Modified Track Champions and includes Kevin Bates, Don Hart Jr., Justin Holland, Brian Malcolm and Shaun Walker. 
The original 50 All-Time Greatest Drivers list was announced during the 2000 50th Anniversary Season at Five Mile Point Speedway.  Since that time, 15 additional Five Mile Point Speedway greats were added to the list.  This season will mark the 70th Anniversary Season with five more all-time greats being honored and added to the list.  The list has always included former Modified Track Champions at the speedway.  The criteria have been based on the division being the headline act since the opening of the speedway in 1951.  All five of this year’s inductees are former Modified Track Champions.  The all-time list is also comprised of former Street Stock, Mini Stock and Figure 8 racing greats.
This year’s inductees include Kevin Bates from Lake Ariel, PA.  Bates, was the Modified Track Champion in 2017.  Bates leads this year’s inductees with fourteen career feature wins at Five Mile Point Speedway.  Bates ranks twenty-third on the all-time Modified wins list.
Don Hart, Jr. earned his Modified Track Championship back in the 2004 racing season.  He has eight career wins along with his championship title.  His victories came over a fairly short span of racing events making his winning percentage quite high out of those race starts.
Justin Holland, a graduate of the Sportsman ranks moved his way in to the Modified division and captured a Modified Track Championship title at the speedway in 2012.  Holland has six career feature wins in the Modified division at the speedway to date.  He will be returning to the weekly ranks in 2020 hoping to add to his win total.
Brian Malcolm is a back to back and defending Modified Track Champion at the speedway.  Malcolm won the titles in 2018 and 2019 at Five Mile Point Speedway.  Malcolm, also from Lake Ariel, PA has eight feature wins to his credit at the speedway.  Malcolm is taking on the ambitious challenge to try and become a three-peat Modified Track Champion this season at the speedway.  If he could win the 2020 title he would be the first since Chuck Akulis who pulled it off in 1994, ’95 and ’96.
Only Larry Catlin and Chuck Akulis ever pulled off the remarkable feat of winning three Modified Track Championships in a row. Catlin won his Track Championships in 1969, ’70 and ’71.  Akulis set the bar with nine consecutive Modified Track Championships between 1977 and 1985.  He then backed that up with the last three-peat Modified Championship in 1994, ’95 and ’96.
Shaun Walker completes the 2020 inductee class this season.  Walker, a Sportsman Track Champion in 2008 made his way into the Modified ranks with great success. Walker captured back to back Modified Track Championships in 2015 and 2016.  He has captured six Modified feature wins at Five Mile Point Speedway during his career.
The 70th Anniversary “All-Time Greatest” Drivers will be honored at the 56th running of the Heath Memorial this Monday at Five Mile Point Speedway.  Irving and Anna Heath founded and built the speedway in 1951.  That event honors them each season at the speedway.
The complete list of the All-Time Greatest 70 Drivers can be found below.  All of the driver’s names are featured on the 2020 70th Anniversary Five Mile Point Speedway T-Shirt.  All historical and upcoming information can be found on our official website at
All – Time Five Mile Point Speedway Greatest Driver List:
50 Original Greatest From 2000:  Chuck Akulis, Don Beagell, Roger Beagell, Bobby Butcher, Gary Card, Charlie Castle, Larry Catlin, DeForest Chalker, George Chalker, Mike Colsten, Pete Cordes, Jim Crawn, Bruce Detro, Don Diffendorf, Joe Donahue Sr., Jim Gabriel Sr., Jim Gabriel Jr., Bob Hackel, Jerry Hayes, Brett Hearn, Lynn Highhouse, Doug Holgate, Gene Hoose, Jack Johnson, Hal Karcher, Kenny King, Glenn Knapp, Dave Kneisel, Pete Kozak, Dick Longstreet, Frank Lopke, Stan Lupka, Bob MacGeorge, Frank Mears, Kenny Moore, Carl Nagel, Norm Norton, Tim Olenski, Stan Ploski, Art Polenz, Bobby Quick, Eddie Rafferty, Monk Rauch, Carl Reynolds, Tony Ross, Marshall “Hoop” Singer, Don Slack, Gordon Smith, Butch Tittle, Doug Worthing.
10 Inductees From 2010 (making 60 Greatest):  Billy Decker, Gary Dence, Stewart Friesen, Mitch Gibbs, Charlie Gilbert, Red Harrington, Gordie Isham, Danny Johnson, Gary Roberts, Brian Weaver.
5 Inductees From 2015 (making 65 Greatest) held July 14th, 2015:  Mike Clapperton, Bob Hamm, Sr., Bob McCreadie, Eddie White, Dan Vauter.
5 Inductees From 2020 (making 70 Greatest):  Kevin Bates, Don Hart Jr., Justin Holland, Brian Malcolm, Shaun Walker.

CRSA Sprints Lose 2 August Shows, Turn Attention Back To Penn Can August 21

Press Release by: Steven Ovens – August 5th, 2020 – AJ Yabroudy photo –


(SODUS, NY) – The response to COVID-19 has been a tricky and delicate one as racers, tracks and traveling series have had to make tough choices to keep the gates open and cars on track. This week, CRSA officials learned that upcoming dates at Fonda Speedway 8/14 and Thunder Mountain Speedway 8/15 have been removed from the schedule and will not be made up. These cancellations due to New York State Executive Orders that were extended to not allow fans at these facilities.


“Our track partners on tour this year have been hit hard and impacted at unfortunate levels for their businesses,” said CRSA Sprints series director Peter Meskill.


“We look forward to getting back to Fonda and Thunder Mountain in the future when the threat of COVID and restrictive orders from the Governor aren’t impacting our partners like they have in 2020.”


CRSA Sprints and Patriot Sprint Tour owner and promoter Mike Emhof echoed those thoughts.


“What we have seen this season has been unprecedented. We will continue to work alongside the tracks that have been impacted as well as our teams to come back strong to support these venues in 2021.


That leaves the next event date for the 305 Sprint Cars of the CRSA Tour to be held on Friday August 21 at Gary Folk’s Penn Can Speedway in Susquehanna, PA. The last CRSA event was held at Penn Can and did not leave the nearly sold out crowd disappointed with Darryl Ruggles overcoming a cast on his hand to win his first tour victory at Penn Can over Thomas Radivoy.


Radivoy and Kyle Pierce will bring back their own knowledge and experience to “The Can” as both have many laps around the facility in wingless sprint action. Then add in 2020 Series winners Cory Sparks and Ruggles, defending series champion Jeff Trombley, the Land of Legends 305 contingent and you have the makings of a big night of excitement on Penn Can’s three-eighths mile clay surface.


The CRSA 305 Sprint Tour is powered by Super Gen Products with their Champion Power Equipment located in Newark, NY. Associate sponsors for the 2020 CRSA 305 Sprint Tour include Midstate Basement Authorities, CNY Farm Supply, the Maguire Family of Dealerships, Eagle Enterprises, LLC, Hoosier Racing Tires and is owned and operated by Mike Emhof Motorsports.

 1st Annual SOCK OUT CANCER® Parade Sets New Record

Records are made to be broken, and the 1st Annual Sock Out Cancer® parade set goals for future events to aim for.

“I am pleased to announce that the Sock Out Cancer Parade raised $4,000, which will be distributed equally to the Foundations of Lourdes Hospital and UHS for assisting their cancer patients who need help paying for non-medical needs such as food, housing and transportation,” said Security Mutual Life Chairman and CEO Bruce W. Boyea. “I had a wonderful time, and I am honored to have been the Grand Marshal of the event.” Each participant entering the parade received a pair of brightly colored Sock Out Cancer socks, symbolizing the fight against cancer in all its forms and helping raise public awareness of the financial challenges facing families fighting cancer. 234 vehicles participated in the parade, 10 of which were motorcycles.

“The Sock Out Cancer parade exceeded all expectations,” said CHOW Director Les Aylesworth, “and the non-perishable food donations from participants and spectators will provide around 900 meals for those in need in our community.” CHOW provides thousands of meals each year, and their resources have been strained to the limit as a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Those who wish to help these worthy organizations can do so by contacting Sock Out Cancer at, and CHOW at CHOW is operated by the Broome County Council of Churches.

At 9.4 miles long, the 1st annual Sock Out Cancer parade became the longest parade on record in Broome County, eclipsing the 3-mile-long Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus parade held in 1920.

Two months ago the Sock Out Cancer parade was just an idea in the mind of event organizer Bob Connelly as a way for the hundreds of area car lovers to safely get out while benefiting the community. “With so many car shows cancelled,” said Connelly, “this was the best way I could think of to get rid of our cabin fever while still maintaining safe social distancing.” All participants wore masks when required and complied with local and state regulations.

“I believe that this should become an annual event here in Binghamton,” said Bruce W. Boyea, “and I believe that Sock Out Cancer parades can benefit communities across our country.” Discussions are underway to map the future of these ideas.

“I was honored that Bob Connelly invited me to help get the word out to the media and car enthusiasts through the area,” said Ron Hills, host and producer of The Race Report television program on WICZ-TV. “I can’t begin to thank everyone who lent their support to this event, but I need to give special recognition to Bobby Likis, host of the award-winning national radio show Bobby Likis Car Clinic, heard every Saturday morning on WNBF AM 1290. I would also like to thank WNBF radio’s Doug Mosher, subbing for the vacationing Bob Joseph on WNBF’s Binghamton Now. Doug had either Bob Connelly or me on Binghamton Now every day leading up to the parade. And my thanks to Gary’s U-Pull-It for providing two rollbacks which served as elevated platforms for the television crews.  A special thanks also to; WBNG-TV; Rosanne Sall Advertising, Inc.; and the many volunteers who made this event possible.

Photographs and video of the 1st annual Sock Out Cancer parade are available at

Sock Out Cancer®, LLC, is wholly owned by the Security Mutual Life Foundation, which is a New York 501(c)(3) public charity. Deductible charitable donations may be made directly to Sock Out Cancer, LLC, or to the Security Mutual Life Foundation.


BECHTELSVILLE, PA August 3, 2020 . . . Ten time NASCAR T.P.Trailers Modified division point leader Craig Von Dohren, looking to become the first 11-time champion, sits in the number two spot in the Modified standings helped by a strong second place finish in Saturday night’s 50th Annual Forrest Rogers Memorial. Von Dohren finished second to Brett Kressley who took the victory and the $10,000 first place money. With 1594 counters Von Dohren has a 67 point edge over second place Doug Manmiller who is looking to earn his first track title.

In the exciting NASCAR T.P.Truck Equipment Sportsman division Brian Hirthler holds a slim 33 point lead over Brad Arnold with 1195 tallies.

Holding third spot in the Modified point chase, part of the NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series, is veteran Jared Umbenhauer with 1424 points. In fourth spot is multi-time champion Duane Howard who has earned 1374 counters. And rounding out the top five is another 10 time champion Jeff Strunk who has tallied 1313 points. There have been 44 drivers earn points after six point events being run. Interesting to note is that Von Dohren is the only feature winner in the top five standings.

Veteran racer Ryan Beltz is third in the Sportsman standings with 1109 tallies followed by Jack Butler with 1093 and Chris Esposito at 1080. Top five are separated by just 115 points. A total of 48 drivers have earned points in the NASCAR T.P.Truck Equipment Sportsman.

The chase for the Grandview NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series championships continues next Saturday, August 8, with the T.P.Trailers Modifieds and T.P.Truck Equipment Sportsman in action. A full slate of qualifying events leads up to a 30-lap feature for the Modifieds and 25-laps for the Sportsman. Spectator gates open at 5:30 p.m. with racing action at 7:30 p.m. Adult admission is just $15 while youngsters 12 admitted FREE. 

On August 15th there will be another of the popular tripleheader shows when the Outlaw Vintage Racers join the Modifieds and Sportsman. Adults will again be charged just $15 while youngsters under 12 get to see all the action for free.

Check in at for more info.



1.            Craig Von Dohren, Oley, PA #1C                1594*

2.            Doug Manmiller, Shoemakersville, PA #44M      1527

3.            Jared Umbenhauer, Richland, PA #19     1424

4.            Duane Howard, Oley, PA #357H                1374

5.            Jeff Strunk, Boyertown, PA #126               1313

6.            Brett Kressley, Orefield, PA #19K             1281*

7.            Craig Whitmoyer, Hamburg, PA   #99      1214

8.            Louden Reimert, Oley, PA #16   1202

9.            Ryan Grim, Laury’s Station, PA #17           1136

10.          Rick Laubach, Hellertown, PA #7L/18/14               1073

11.          Mike Gular, Boyertown, PA #2A                1052*

12.          Briggs Danner, Allentown, PA #78            898

13.          Kevin Hirthler, Boyertown, PA #117        846*

14.          Ryan Lilick, Collegeville, PA #49                845

15.          Ryan Watt, Boyertown, PA 14W                837

16.          Justin Grim, Orefield, PA #61     782

17.          Dylan Swinehart, Fleetwood, PA #81      770*

18.          Kyle Weiss, Hamburg, PA #21K  762

19.          Mike Lisowski, Minersville, PA #15          761

20.          Brad Grim, Coplay, PA #23           643

21.          John Willman, Birdsboro, PA    #74W      641

22           Ron Kline, Salford, PA #3              597

23.          Dan Waisempacher, Springtown, PA #01              588

24.          Eric Biehn, Barto, PA #87              580

25.          Clay Butler, Bloomsbury, NJ #4B               488

26.          Joe Funk, Coopersburg, PA#14R                482

27.          Brett Gilmore, Fleetwood, PA #7B           479

28.          Ray Swinehart, Perkiomenville, PA   #33               458

29.          Kenny Gilmore, Fleetwood, PA #7K        457

30.          T J Lilly, Pen Argyl, PA #17L          453



1.            Brian Hirthler, Green Lane, PA #4*           1195*

2.            Brad Arnold, Bethel, PA #27        1162*

3.            Ryan Beltz, Barto, PA #221           1109

4.            Jack Butler, Phillipsburg, NJ #5  1093*

5.            Chris Esposito, Hatfield, PA #31A             1080

6.            Kyle Lilick, Collegeville, PA #104              1002*

7.            Mark Kemmerer, Green Lane, PA #F10   973

8.            Nate Brinker, Allentown, PA #14              928

9.            Jimmy Leiby, Milford, NJ #9L      895

10.          Jesse Leiby, Milford, NJ #66        859

11.          Brad Brightbill, Sinking Springs, PA #19 835

12.          Kyle Smith, Fleetwood, PA #77 812

13.          Dakota Kohler, Birdsboro, PA #12S          596

14.          Brandon Edgar, Lehighton, PA #57           586

15.          Lex Shive, Pennsburg, PA #5K    519

16.          Kenny Bock, Birdsboro, PA #6    507

17.          John McGovern, Bechtelsville, PA #327 481

18.          Ryan Higgs, Nazareth, PA #16     474

19.          Parker Guldin, Fleetwood, PA   #11         437

20.          Mike Mammana, Nazareth, PA #31          426

21.          Cole Stangle,   #20C        415

22.          Decker Swinehart, Fleetwood, PA #38   402

23.          Nathan Mohr, East Greenville, PA #17M                396

24.          Derrick Smith, Telford, PA #20   392

25.          Scott Kohler, Boyertown, PA #12S            360*

* denotes feature win (Feature wins listed are only for those that are NASCAR point events.)

Weedsport Cancels ESS Legends Reunion Amid COVID-19 Restriction Extensions

WEEDSPORT, NY (August 3, 2020) – COVID-19 travel restrictions as well as the extension of New York State Executive Orders disallowing spectators at racing facilities, has forced Weedsport Speedway to cancel the ESS Legends Reunion, which was scheduled for Sunday, August 9.

The Empire Super Sprints Hall of Fame induction associated with the event will be postponed until 2021.

"The ESS Legends Reunion has been a staple for several seasons now, and it is unfortunate we will have to wait until 2021 to see the next edition,” said Weedsport Speedway promoter, Jimmy Phelps.  “With the extension of New York State’s Executive Orders, this is our only option."

Ticket and camping refunds will be issued for the ESS Legends Reunion.

Refunds will be automatically issued to the original form of payment for those who purchased within 90 days of the event.  Tickets or camping purchased more than 90 days prior to the event will be issued and mailed a refund check.

With this latest cancelation, Weedsport Speedway’s next scheduled event will be Cavalcade Cup Weekend on September 11-12, featuring two days of Modified action, including the Super DIRTcar Series Big Block Modifieds on September 12.  The ESS Sprint Cars, CNY Mod Lites, DIRTcar Pro Stocks and RUSH Late Models are also scheduled during this blockbuster weekend.

Weedsport Kartway will return to racing on Sunday, August 30 with the second annual Kart Cup.  For more information visit

For Weedsport Speedway news and schedule information visit


BECHTELSVILLE, PA. August 2, 2020 . . . Brett Kressley has been having his share of dismal outings at Grandview Speedway this season with his best finish being a fourth place last week. Saturday night “The Threat” turned the tables and went home $10,000 richer by being the first to reach the checkered in the 50th anniversary edition of the Forrest Rogers Memorial the race in honor of the man who founded the track in 1963.

Standing in victory lane after winning the T.P. Trailers Modified NASCAR Advanced Auto Parts event, an emotional Kressley “who commented he used his head,” dedicated the win to his grandfather Willard to whom he was very close and had passed away a few weeks ago. He thanked everyone that helped put the Kressley Auto/Truck Sales No. 19K in the winner’s circle for his first triumph of the current campaign and earn the biggest win of his career.

Kyle Lilick also collected his season first win in the T.P. Truck Equipment NASCAR Sportsman 25-lap feature for his fifth career win at the track.

Providing the feature winners met the necessary requirements, they received monetary awards from T.P. Trailers and a certificate from VP Fuels for product awards. The Dan’s Deli ½-way hoagie award recipients were Kressley and Lilick. Jesse Leiby earned an extra $100 bonus from the track for being the highest crate engine finisher.

Both divisions are part of the NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series made up of tracks across the nation.

At the drop of the green by starter Ray Kemp in the Modified main event, second place starter Kenny Gilmore shot past polesitter Carroll Hine III to take the early lead.

Dicing for positions behind Gilmore were Hine III, Brad Grim, Colt Harris and Ryan Watt.

The first yellow was out on the third lap when some of the front runners were shuffling positions making contact and through it Rick Laubach found himself in the homestretch wall. Laubach was not happy with the turn of events and left the driver that he felt initiated the incident know it since he was out of competition for the night. Ryan Grim was also a victim and out of the race. Gilmore held his own on the restart, but now Watt was in the runner-up position with Kressley right behind pressuring.

Watt became the new leader on the eighth lap and two laps later Kressley was second putting his bids in for first.

Mike Gular, already a feature winner this year, slowed in the second turn with a flat tire and rejoined the action after a quick pit stop. At the same time defending point champion and 2019 race winner Duane Howard was sent pit side with a broken shock tower. He returned, but was sent back in since it was not fixed to specifications since a driver cannot run with any front end suspension issues. When action resumed Kressley outgunned Watt to take control and show the way for the others.

By the 17th circuit lapped cars were causing the top five that were comprised of Kressley, Watt, Craig Von Dohren, Jeff Strunk and Doug Manmiller to use heads ups driving so as not to make contact with any of them as it got tricky at times.

Von Dohren cleared Watt on the 24th lap and set sail after Kressley with Watt, Strunk and Manmiller in tow.

The top five remained consistent as the race progressed, but they were all after Kressley, who was up to lapping some of the top ten cars.

It appeared Kressley got the monkey off his back and pulled into the winner’s circle for his 13th career win which he proved to be a lucky one, trailed by Von Dohren, Strunk, Watt, Manmiller, Jared Umbenhauer, Kyle Weiss and Craig Whitmoyer, the last car on the lead lap; Louden Reimert and Kenny Gilmore, who were both a lap down.

Watt, Kevin Hirthler, last week’s race winner; Ryan Lilick and Ryan Grim won the heats. Consies were won by Justin Grim and Craig Whitmoyer.

Two false starts hampered the beginning of the Sportsman feature, but once it did get underway rookie Decker Swinehart was the early leader with Lilick, Jesse Leiby, Dakota Kohler and Cole Stangle jockeying for positions.

Swinehart and Lilick continued to battle lap after lap and neither one gave way since they were both determined to win.

Lilick just got by Swinehart for the lead when the yellow came out for a fourth turn tangle at the ½-way mark.

With Lilick now ahead, Swinehart, Stangle, D. Kohler and Ryan Beltz diced for second through fifth and constantly swapping places back and forth.

Lilick never faltered and went on the chalk up career win number five. Swinehart crossed the line second, however, had a bitter disappointment when carburetor issues caused him to be disqualified. Stangle, Beltz, D. Kohler and Jesse Leiby were second through fifth. Rounding out the top ten were Nate Brinker, Jack Butler, Jimmy Leiby, Brian Hirthler and Brad Arnold.

Scott Kohler, Tom Miller and Bryan Rhoads were the heat winners. Brad Arnold won the consi.

The chase for the Grandview NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series championships continues next Saturday, August 8, with the T.P.Trailers Modifieds and T.P.Truck Equipment Sportsman in action. A full slate of qualifying events leads up to a 30-lap feature for the Modifieds and 25-laps for the Sportsman. Spectator gates open at 5:30 p.m. with racing action at 7:30 p.m. Adult admission is just $15 while youngsters 12 admitted FREE. Check in at for more info.


50 TH Annual Forrest Rogers Memorial Modified Feature (50-laps): 1. Brett Kressley, 2. Craig Von Dohren, 3. Jeff Strunk, 4. Ryan Watt, 5. Doug Manmiller, 6. Jared Umbenhauer, 7. Kyle Weiss, 8. Craig Whitmoyer, 9. Louden Reimert, 10. Kenny Gilmore, 11. Justin Grim, 12. Briggs Danner, 13. Mike Gular, 14. Colt Harris, 15. Ryan Lilick, 16. Ron Kline, 17. Eric Biehn, 18. Carroll Hine III, 19. Ron Myers, 20. Brett Gilmore, 21. Joe Funk III, 22. Ron Haring Jr., 23. Kevin Hirthler, 24. Brad Grim, 25. Jorden Henn, 26. Duane Howard, 27. Rick Laubach, 28. Ryan Grim. DNQ: Darrin Schuler, John Willman, Mike Lisowski, Mark Levy, Mark Kratz, Ray Swinehart, Bobby Gunther Walsh, Dan Waisempacher, Dylan Swinehart and Mike Tyson.

T.P. Trailers Truck Equipment Sportsman Feature (25-laps): 1. Kyle Lilick, 2. Cole Stangle, 3. Ryan Beltz, 4. Dakota Kohler, 5. Jesse Leiby, 6. Nate Brinker, 7. Jack Butler, 8. Jimmy Leiby, 9. Brian Hirthler, 10. Brad Arnold, 11. Chris Esposito, 12. Kyle Smith, 13. Chuck Eckert, 14. Lex Shive, 15. Tom Miller, 16. John McGovern, 17. Brad Brightbill, 18. Kenny Bock, 19. Mark Gaugler, 20. Scott Kohler, 21. Bryan Rhoads, 22. Nathan Mohr, 23. Jesse Landis, 24. Decker Bailey. DNQ: Parker Guldin, Mark Kemmerer, B.J. Joly, Ryan Laise, Mike Mammana, Derrick Smith.


KIRKWOOD, NY…Another new face graced Five Mile Point Speedway victory lane on Saturday night as Tyler Johnston recorded his first ever FMP victory in the Insinger Performance Crate Sportsman 20 lap main event.  He became the sixth different feature winner in seven races in the class and the fifth first time winner at the speedway this season in the division.
Johnston has been fast throughout the month of July at the speedway and he took advantage of his outside front row starting slot next to Brandon Loucks for the start of the 20 lap Insinger Performance Crate Sportsman main.  At the drop of the green Johnston quickly took the point utilizing the racy outside line of the speedway.  The first caution of the race flew with one lap in the books as Leah Decker, Brian Durbin and Mike Grover tangled in turn one.  Decker and Durbin were able to continue but Grover saw his night end early.
When the green flew Johnston immediately picked up where he left off and Gary Smith hustled in to second place. This left Loucks to contend with ninth place starter Bobby Flood who was on the move early.  Although Smith grabbed second Loucks battled back while Flood remained within striking distance.  On lap 8 Loucks retook second place as a great battle ensued among the top five.  This allowed Johnston to open his lead as the battles were plenty behind him.
A caution on lap 10 regrouped the field again.  Johnston maintained his advantage with Smith recapturing second place from Loucks.  Loucks again had to battle with Flood for third place as Blaine Klinger and Lem Atkins waited on any error up front.  Out front Johnston went virtually unchallenged for the balance of the 20 lap main event.  Flood advanced to third place on lap 12 and took over second from Smith with only two laps remaining.  At the finish it was Johnston for his first win at the speedway over Flood, Smith, Klinger and Loucks.
Justin Slezak took the lead at the start of the 20 lap Factory Stock feature event and led wire to wire.  For Slezak the victory was his second of the 2020 season.  Buck Mills, Ray Lindquist, Josh Dumas and Josh Oles completed the top five finishers.
The 600 Modified 20 lap main event went caution free with Brett Gray leading the entire distance.  For Gray, it was his third win in a row and a bounty will go in effect at the next race Monday, August 10th at the speedway.  Bob Hamm, Dave Brown, Eli Askar and John Glover completed the top five.
Tim Vandemark has now won four FWD Four Cylinder Expert features in a row at the speedway.  In the process he collected a $150 bonus as the bounty on him continues on Monday, August 10th.  Kaleb Lacey had a strong run to finish second in the 15 lap main event.  Randy Lane, Walter Decker and Steve Lunn completed the top five.
The new Crate Sportsman Futures division 20 lap feature event was won by Josh Mondak.  It was his first ever victory in week number two of the new class.  Kyle Walsh and Eric Reese Jr. were the top three finishers.  Owen Clark was the FWD Four Cylinder Novice 12 lap feature winner.  He topped Greg Slater, Anthony Zecchino, Bethany Bertram and Austin Slater.  Joshua Landers was the Juniors winner.
COUNTER POINTS…No racing action takes place this Saturday…The next event is Monday, August 10th with the 56th running of the Heath Memorial.  The Modifieds will run in a 30 lap main event paying $2,000 to win.  The race will air live on pay per view through  The weekly classes will be in competition with the exception of the Futures class which will have the night off.  Racing on August 10th begins at 7 p.m.
OFFICIAL INSINGER FUELS CRATE SPORTSMAN FEATURE FINISH (20 LAPS):  TYLER JOHNSTON, Bobby Flood, Gary Smith, Blaine Klinger, Brandon Loucks, Lem Atkins, Russell Benke, Matt Brewer, Tom Hampton, Brandon Fritsch, Leah Decker, Mark Longstreet, Punkie Marsh, Seth Zacharias, Jason Feinberg, Matt Sobiech, Brian Durbin, Mike Grover.
FACTORY STOCK OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20):  JUST SLEZAK, Buck Mills, Ray Lindquist, Josh Dumas, Josh Oles, Adam Gilbert, Kurtis Stickle.
6O0 MODIFIED OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20):  BRETT GRAY, Bob Hamm, Dave Brown, Eli Askar, John Glover, Dominic Amato, Aydan Morgan.
FWD FOUR CYLINDER OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (15):  TIM VANDEMARK, Kaleb Lacey, Randy Lane, Walter Decker, Steve Lunn, Jeff Degroat, Rick Lunn, Dave Simms.
FWD FOUR CYLINDER NOVICE OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (12):  OWEN CLARK, Greg Slater, Anthony Zecchino, Bethany Bertram, Austin Slater, Ashley Wilson, Ashley Slater, Doug Newbigging.

Sportsman Grad Marcuccilli Enters Name In LOLR Big-Block Recordbook
Ridley wins rain-shortened Sportsman feature after Grant drops Pangrazio in Stock Car action

*Dave Marcuccilli victory lane photo attachment by Don Romeo

Canandaigua, NY – Aug. 1, 2020 – Tom Skibinski, Land of Legends Raceway PR

Former track champion Dave Marcuccilli and front-runner Jimmy Grant kicked off the final full month of summer in victory lane while veteran Kevin Ridley was declared a winner pitside as late evening showers curtailed a second straight motorsports show at Land Of Legends Raceway.

With rain continuing to fall and more precipitation on the way, track officials were forced to put a halt to the first 'Saturday Spectacular' of August at 9:35pm, postponing the Pepsi Big-Block Modified feature and Mike Emhof Motorsports 305 Sprint Car A-Main until Aug. 8. Ridley held the lead with 13 laps complete in the headline 25-lap Speed Connection Sportsman finale when the decision was made, thus giving him the win as half the race was run.

“Unreal,” remarked Marcuccilli, 43, as his voice cracked with emotion following his first career Big-Block Modified win at his long-time home in Ontario County. Racking up 28 victories at LOLR, the four-time (2015-18) DIRTcar Sportsman track points champion held off open-wheel all-star Tim Fuller to take top honors in the Modified main that was postponed from July 18.

“Never saw anybody (once out front) yet made a lot of mistakes the last two laps. Probably didn't look like it outside the car but I made a ton inside the car. Maybe just starting to get nervous or something. To me this (win) is huge, probably the biggest race ever for me. Too bad there aren't any fans in the stands to enjoy it but I'm sure those at home and the people here did,” noted Marcuccilli, who collected $2,000 for his memorable win on ADMAR Construction Equipment Night at the Ontario County Fairgrounds.

Gil Tegg Jr. paced a full field to begin the 35-lapper before Matt Farnham looped his Modified mount in turn two on the second circuit to bring out a yellow flag. Filing in fifth on the 25-car starting grid, Marcuccilli charged into first on the ensuing restart only to return it to Tegg as Justin Wright got caught up in a turn four skirmish to incur another caution period. A quick third slowdown came after Dillon Groover slid off the track high in turn three following contact with Billy Dunn, but this time lap two was scored and Marcuccilli was credited with the top spot.

Back under green, Marcuccilli opened up a comfortable advantage while the top contenders diced for position high and low. Twelfth-starting Fuller was the biggest mover, flying into third through six laps with only Kyle Coffey between him and the leader.

Lap 15 contact between Justin Haers and division points leader Larry Wight on the front chute ended with Haers spinning in turn one to bring Marcuccilli back to the pack, but the Montezuma wheelman stretched the margin back to a dozen car-lengths with 20 complete. Fuller finally tracked down Coffey on lap 29, then with still five to go pulled up to the bumper of the blue #M1 MP (Mike Payne) Delivery-Mohawk Northeast/Bicknell machine when the yellow lights came back on for front-five running Erick Rudolph's parked mount in turn four.

Fuller peeked low in turn two with a couple laps to go but Marcuccilli never flinched as he held on for a narrow two car-length victory at the stripe. Riding seventh for the final lap 30 restart, opening night winner Pat Ward rallied to place third ahead of James Sweeting, who netted his first top-5 tally of the season. Wight worked his way from 17th to settle for fifth at the wire, with all-time LOLR winner Alan Johnson and Coffey crossing the line next.

“We struggled with the Big-Block last season, made some changes this year and went in a different direction with Mike (Payne, LJL-Kevlar engine supplier) on how we do things and its worked out better,” said Marcuccilli, after becoming the 103rd Modified winner at Canandaigua since 1952. “There's no pressure on Mike, at least with me, and he gets to come here and watch the races with his son (Zach, Sportsman driver) and still gets to watch me. We've been slowly improving and this kind of shows it.”

“We got lucky with the kind of race track we were on today. People don't realize how tough it is to race here with track conditions always changing and the caliber of drivers. We just haven't been even close enough or fast enough to win these races so this is a surprise to me as well,” added Marcuccilli, who scored his only other top-5 finish (4th) the last race run July 2.

Circling the hallowed half-miler in the Sportsman ranks since 2005, NOT pulling his no. 20x Fred's Fab'N Fold-Champion Power Equipment-Lakeshore Auto Mall/Bicknell into victory lane this season is about all that surprised Ridley. Yet that changed Saturday as the Waterloo warrior took his first checkered flag of 2020.

“Been running good and always felt like we were going to win, just had to make the right changes for the slicker surface,” summed up Ridley, 42, who ironically surpassed Marcuccilli on the all-time LOLR Sportsman win list after his 29th career triumph. The 2008 & '13 track points champion now stands third behind only Paul Guererri (45) and Steve Gray (30).

“To be up there high on the list of wins is pretty big. We don't win too much so its difficult to move up with such a talented group. Don't think anybody will ever catch Paul but we're still proud of how long we've been able to win out here,” Ridley said.

With light rain in the air, Ridley wasted little time despite no particular pre-race plan in place to get to the point so fast.

Pole-sitter Torrey Stoughtenger out-dragged front row partner Timmy Borden Jr. at the outset before Mike Phelps looped his ride high in turn one to incur the initial caution with one lap in the books. The next time around Borden spun between the first two corners, collecting Nick Guererri to require a second slowdown with Stoughtenger holding back Nick Cooper in the early stages as Ridley charged.

When rookie Emmett Waldron spun over the turn one bank to end his night after only three laps, a mad dash for the top spot shuffled the deck over the next two miles. Dueling in three-wide fashion, Cooper slid between low-running Stoughtenger and high-riding Ridley to take the lead across the line on lap four. Stoughtenger rebounded to regain the lead the next time around only to give way to Ridley on lap seven in the final exchange up front.

Newcomer Cody Manitta spun in turn one to force out what amounted to the final yellow flag of the show as the field was sent into the pits with rain intensifying. Fifteen minutes later the final results were announced and Ridley was declared the winner over Stoughtenger followed by points leader Zach Sobotka, Cooper and Andrew Jacobson.

“With a lot of faster cars ahead of me I just planned to follow those guys to the front, be patient and not wreck the car early,” revealed Ridley, who started 13th in the 26-car field. “Its been tough out here lately with a lot of new drivers, all getting used to the speed and trying to find the fastest lines to follow. We've had a good stretch, been among the fastest since day one. Made some changes tonight and finally might have this coil car figured out.”

Grant seems to have things figured out in the full-fender ranks, for the second time this season not only cracking the elusive winner's circle but authoring a late-race pass of perennial power Josh Pangrazio in doing so.

“I just take my time and take care of my tires, know I'll be there at the end,” said Grant, 34, the only driver with top-5 feature finishes in all six events. “I just smile when I see (Pangrazio) sail on by, saying to myself 'use 'em up, use 'em up.' At the end of the race tonight my tires still looked pretty fresh.”

Despite Street Stocks leading off the program, the first feature of the night was ultimately the most dramatic as the Grant/Pangrazio slugfest continued in its purest form. Jason Quigley jumped out to the early lead with Grant (8th) and Pangrazio (10th) beginning the 20-lapper further back.

A pair of early yellow flags flew for a turn four mishap involving Doug Chappius on lap two and when Mike Welch checked up low in a three-wide scramble for position with Marc Minutolo (middle) and Ron 'Bundy' Metcalf (high) rounding turn three. Pangrazio slid high off the track onto the grass in the second incident and joined Welch in the pits for a brief stop although both returned to restart in the rear.

With Quigley still out front, all eyes turned to Pangrazio as the Oakfield ace blistered the outside lane in his bid for a fourth straight win. Already storming from last to eighth on the second lap two restart, Pangrazio grabbed fifth in a wild four-wide maneuver the next time around and after five laps only Quigley and runner-up Parker Smith remained in his sight.

Smith nosed ahead of Quigley on lap six but the lead lasted less than a half-mile as Pangrazio ducked low across the line to complete his mission to the front. Rolling quietly in the wings from lap one, Grant moved under Smith exiting turn two on lap nine and with half the race gone '19 points king Adam DePuy behind the wheel of Quinn Sutherland's #57J Chevrolet Camaro and Quigley settled into the front-five.

Mirroring the heroics in his last victory –and Pangrazio's last loss– on June 13, Grant methodically cut into the deficit and lap after lap crept closer aboard the black no. 36 Washburn Excavating-Hands Performance & Powder Coating-Champion Scrap Chevy Monte Carlo. And while Grant got by Pangrazio for the lead with three to go in round one, the popular Penn Yan pilot needed 19 laps to gain the point and cruise on to a satisfying three car-length victory at the wire.

Ruggles Overcomes Hand Injury To Cash In First CRSA Victory At Penn Can Speedway

Race Report by Steven Ovens – July 26th, 2020 – AJ Yabroudy photo –


(SUSQUEHANNA, PA) – Darryl Ruggles overcame a lot to win his first ever CRSA sanctioned event at Penn Can Speedway. It was the first time in four years that the traveling series had held an event at Gary Folk Sr.’s racetrack that ran in front of a full grandstand and full pit area.


The Super Gen Products CRSA 305 Sprints were last scheduled to race at Penn Can three times in 2017, with all events being lost to rain. Josh Flint, a Penn Can winner in 2016, was the only driver in the 20-car starting field who previously had a CRSA victory at “The Can.” A majority of the drivers in the pit area had never raced at Penn Can in a 305 or maybe only select starts in a Mini Sprint.


But for the race winner out of Hopewell, NY there was a lot more to overcome than just lack of laps around the Susquehanna, PA facility. Ruggles underwent a surgical procedure earlier in the week and had a cast placed on his right lower arm and hand- with only the thumb tip and lower half of the other four fingers exposed.


“I asked my doctor if I could race (at Penn Can) on Friday night and he said ‘absolutely not’,” noted Ruggles in Victory Lane.


“The nurse came in to form the cast to my hand and I asked her before it sets up if I could grab ahold of the chair that was in the room. She didn’t quite understand what I was doing, but I told her I needed to form it enough to be able to hold my steering wheel.”


Ruggles had help from the redraw which is typically not kind to the defending CRSA sanctioned track champion from Land of Legends Raceway. After making the redraw out of his heat race, ‘The Motorized Madman’ drew number two to start next to the driver with likely the most amount of experience at Penn Can- Thomas Radivoy.


Radivoy and Ruggles brought the field to the green flag and they would race wing-to-wing for the first two circuits with Ruggles able to nose ahead at the line each time. After a quick yellow for McDonough, NY’s Dalton Herrick whose No. 29 slowed on the track, Ruggles put a safe distance between himself and Radivoy before approaching slower traffic ahead.


2-time and defending CRSA Series Champion Jeff Trombley had his own problems to sort out in Round 2 of the 2020 schedule. Trombley was an innocent participant in a Lap 1 heat race crash that sent his No. 3a pit side with heave damage. He would start in last place, 20th starting position, and pass seven cars before the first caution on Lap 2. Trombley would get to as high as 11th place before sliding back through the pack to finish 16th.


There would only be one yellow flag in the 25-lap event, allowing Ruggles to get back out front and set his own pace and rhythm before hitting slower traffic at the halfway mark of the event. Radivoy would close the gap to two car lengths as Ruggles hit slower traffic but the crafty veteran weaved through traffic to keep putting cars between himself and Radivoy.


Behind the top two was Rotterdam, NY’s Josh Pieniazek aboard the 56 machine who started in eighth and clawed his way forward to get third place at the checkered flag. The race’s hard charger was 2016 winner Josh Flint, who picked off seven cars from the sixteenth starting spot to finish ninth.


With four laps remaining, Radivoy had once again closed the gap to nearly the tail tank of the 48jr, but that was as close as he would get. Ruggles drove away and hid in traffic over the final four circuits to claim his first CRSA victory at “The Can.”


“Thank you to all these fans that came out tonight and thank you to Penn Can for hosting us,” Ruggles added with a thunderous cheer in return from the Penn Can faithful.


The top five included Ruggles, Radivoy, Pieniazek, Andy Jacobus out of Corning, NY and Middletown, NY’s Tyler Jashembowski fifth.


Next on the schedule for the Super Gen Products CRSA 305 Sprints is a tentatively scheduled trip to Thunder Mountain Speedway on August 15, followed by a return trip to Penn Can on Friday August 21, a Saturday trip to Land of Legends Raceway on August 29 and the finale at Afton Motorsports Park on October 9.


The CRSA 305 Sprint Tour is powered by Super Gen Products with their Champion Power Equipment located in Newark, NY. Associate sponsors for the 2020 CRSA 305 Sprint Tour include Midstate Basement Authorities, CNY Farm Supply, the Maguire Family of Dealerships and is owned and operated by Mike Emhof Motorsports.


For more information on the series, results, points and 2020 schedule please visit our website


Please visit the Super Gen Products with Champion Power Equipment CRSA 305 Sprint Tour on Facebook (@CRSAsprints) and on Twitter (@CRSAsprints).




25-Lap A-Main (20 cars): 1. 48jr DARRYL RUGGLES (1), 2. 1Q Thomas Radivoy, 3. 56 Josh Pieniazek, 4. 7 Andy Jacobus, 5. 98t Tyler Jashembowski, 6. 13t Trevor Years, 7. 48a Alysha Bay, 8. 9k Kyle Pierce, 9. 41j Josh Flint, 10. 25w Dana Wagner 11. 112 Mike Van Pelt, 12. 56v Ronnie Greek, 13. 18c Dan Craun, 14. 75 Brandyn Griffin, 15. 1HD Cory Sparks, 16. 56d Peter Dance, 17. 3a Jeff Trombley, 18. 22m Matt Priscott, 19. 17e Ethan Gray, 20. 29 Dalton Herrick DNF


Lap Leaders: Ruggles 1-25


Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1HD Cory Sparks, 112 Mike Van Pelt, 13t Trevor Years, 56v Ronnie Greek, 25w Dana Wagner, 56d Peter Dance DNF, 3a Jeff Trombley DNF


Heat 2 (8 Laps): 98t Tyler Jashembowski, 48jr Darryl Ruggles, 17e Ethan Gray, 7 Andy Jacobus, 9k Kyle Pierce, 41J Josh Flint, 22m Matt Priscott


Heat 3 (8 Laps): 56 Josh Pieniazek, 1Q Thomas Radivoy, 48a Alysha Bay, 29 Dalton Herrick, 75 Brandyn Griffin, 18c Dan Craun

Press Releases and Results / The Hill Speedway - Results July 24th
« on: July 26, 2020, 07:04:08 PM »
 The lead on most race results is usually first time winners, outstanding performances, or someone setting some sort of record. The most important lead to this week's story, is a reminder that The Hill will be closed on this coming  Friday, July 31, and will reopen on August 7. Hoping all of our loyal fans and competitors have a great break, and we will see you next week!

         D and L Disposal of Monroeton joined the wonderful group of marketing partners at the Speedway, and they were treated to a great night of racing. Larry Colton returned to Victory Lane in the Rear Wheel Drive Four Cylinder division, Dalton Maynard topped the leader board in the Snell Metalfab Crate Sportsman,  and Doug Stack Jr. didn't let a twelfth place starting spot keep him from taking the win in the Street Stock class. Matt Browning continued his winning ways in the Rear Wheel Drive Four Cylinders, Mike Morse kept his season perfect in the Pure Stocks,  Keith Jack Lamphere doubled up in the IMCA Style Modifieds,  and Chad Homan added to his win total in the Crate Late Models.

         Veteran racer Larry Colton has battled mechanical gremlins and bad luck off and on this season, but has still managed to stay competitive and near the top of the points standings. Friday night he returned to Victory Lane in the Rear Wheel Drive Four Cylinder class, leading the twenty lap feature from green to checker. Randy Mathews Jr. and Brett Gleason stayed close for the opening laps, with A.J. Lane and Anton Smith making it a foursome for second place by the third circuit. Lane and Mathews swapped the runnerup position until Lane finally gained the upper hand on lap twelve. Lane drew alongside Colton numerous times through the closing laps, but had to settle for second at the finish. Gleason succumbed to mechanical failure, leaving Mathews solidly third, with Anton Smith a few car lengthsback in fourth. Zach Bruce rounded out the top five.
FEATURE FINISH: Larry Colton, A.J. Lane, Randy Mathews Jr., Anton Smith, Zach Bruce, Trevor Belcher, Brett Neally, Eric Ellsworth, Andrew Collins, Brett Gleason., Mike Navone, Scott Bump.
Heat wins: Randy Mathews Jr., Larry Colton.

        Rich Powell powered to the lead in the Snell Metalfab Crate Sportsman feature, and led the first three laps, but from the fourth lap to the checkered flag it was the Dalton Maynard show. Powell, Rich Talada, and Tony Harris stayed inches off the leader's bumper, taking turns at trying to wrestle the lead away, but in the end their debate was for second place. With two laps to go, Harris overpowered Talada for the runnerup spot. Talada settled for third, with Powell fourth. Kinser Hill shook off his string of bad luck to finish with a solid fifth place.
FEATURE FINISH: Dalton Maynard, Tony Harris, Rich Talada,  Rich Powell,  Kinser Hill,  Geoff Powell, Jason Benjamin, Braden Buchanan,  Paul Gurastella, Quinten Buchanan .
Heat wins: Dalton Maynard, Rich Powell.

        Mike Koser and Jakub Ingham set the pace for the first three laps of the Street Stock feature, with 2019 Champ Earl Zimmer locking onto the second spot trying to put a move on Koser for the lead. Doug Stack Jr. was into third by the sixth lap and overpowered both Zimmer and Koser to take the lead at the halfway point, with Zimmer moving Koser back to third. Doug Stack Sr. joined the lead group and joined Lou Sharpsteen to pressure Koser for the third spot. Stack Jr. and Zimmer crossed the finish line one and two, and Doug Stack Sr. knocked down the third position. Koser held on for fourth, with Sharpsteen recording fifth.
FEATURE FINISH: Doug Stack Jr., Earl Zimmer, Doug Stack Sr. Mike Koser, Lou Sharpsteen, Dan Force,  Tyler Belcher, Bill Tice, John McAdam, Dave Roberts, Howard Bailey, Thomas Moon, Dustin Maynard,  Dylon Hinckley, Jakub Ingham,  Bobby Maynard,  Abe Romanick. Eddie McKernan (DNS)
Heat wins: Earl Zimmer, Mike Koser

        Mike Wilcox led lap one of the Front Wheel Drive Four Cylinder feature, with Josh Bailey taking over for the next three circuits. Greg McKernan took over at the front to lead lap five, but by the next lap, multi time feature winner Matt Browning had taken command and would lead the way to the checkered flag. McKernan would keep the pressure on, joined by Adam Delgrosso and Bailey as that trio hotly debated second. Wilcox, Greg Slater, and Dakota Decker worked in a second group racing for fifth. Mckernan followed Browning across the line to get second with Degrosso alongside for third. Bailey hung on for fourth, withWicox topping second group and recording fifth.
FEATURE FINISH: Matt Browning,  Greg McKernan,  Adam Delgrosso,  Josh Bailey,  Mike Wilcox,  Greg Slater, Dakota Decker,  Tim Johnson, John Maynard,  Jake Lamphere, Steve Castle, Kenny Benjamin, Gavin Maryott, Ryan Wood, Drayton Smith.
Heat wins: Greg McKernan, Adam Delgrosso,

        The Pure Stock feature was slowed by only rwo cautions but the action, in groups, was close throughout the event. Cole Burgess led the opening lap, but Mike Morse was picture perfect, taking the top spot on lap two and going on to keep his win record for the points season perfect. Burgess settled into the second spot, but right behind him the battle for third was intense throughout most of the event. Kevin Garland, Josh Vanderpool, and Zack Kriner kept the result in doubt right up to the last lap. Morse lapped all but the second place car on his way to the win, with Burgess recording second. Garland crossed third, Vanderpool fourth and Kriner fifth.
FEATURE FINISH: Mike Morse, Cole Burgess, Kevin Garland,  Josh Vanderpool,  Zack Kriner, Brad Chilson, Bobby Maynard, Justin Hall (DNS),  Matt Sullivan (DNS), Buck Mills Jr. (DNS)

        Victor McNeil led the first lap of the IMCA Style Modified feature giving way to veteran competitor Ray McClure.  As Brad Sites moved in and challenged forr the lead, points leader Jake Maynard retired to the pits with mechanical issues.  Last week's winner, Keith Jack Lamphere, found a power lane on the outside and on lap six powered into second, and by the eighth lap had taken command. McClure hung onto second, with Sites, Mark Griffin, and Gary Lamphere tight to his bumper.  Keith Jack would go on to pick up the win, and with two to go, Sites powered around McClure for second. McClure held on for third,  over Griffin,and Keith Lamphere ended in fifth.
FEATURE FINISH:  Keith Jack Lamphere, Brad Sites, Ray McClure,  Mark Griffin,  Keith Lamphere,  Gary Lamphere,  Harry Ely,  Eddie Sites, Victor McNeil, J.W. Lamphere, Doug Lantz,  Matt Benjamin, Jake Maynard, A.J. Hunsinger.
Heat wins: Brad Sites, Keith Jack Lamphere.

          The final feature of the night was the Crate Late Model.  Chad Homan was again the class of the field, but the competition behind him kept the crowd's interest throughout the race. First points leader Darrin Horton provided the pressure, then Steve LaBarron. John Waters rode in second from the mid point on, but no one was able to wrestle the lead away. Homan added to his win total, with Waters second,  LaBarron third and Horton fourth. Rookie Mike Epler has been getting smoother and faster every week, and recorded another top five finish in fifth.
FEATURE FINISH: Ghad Homan, John Waters, Steve LaBarron, Darrin Horton, Mike Epler, Ernie Martin, Joe Lane.
Heat win Chad Homan.
    As stated earlier, The Hill will be silent July 31, but will be back in action the following Friday with a full schedule for all seven divisions. Pit and spectator gates open at 5pm, with practice at 6:30, and racing scheduled to get the green flag at 7:00.
     The Hill Speedway hosts dirt track auto racing from Spring through the end of August. Unique in that it has no grandstands, fan viewing and family grouping is accomplished with blankets and portable chairs on a manicured hillside overlooking the track. Additional viewing is provided from turn four around to turn two with parking spots overlooking the raceway where fans can enjoy their own tailgate parties from there vehicle. Those spots are available on a nightly or seasonal basis for a nominal fee.
     The Hill is located just a couple miles from Rt. 414, at the intersection of Dunn Hill Road and Banks Road, in Monroeton,  PA.
     Check us out on our website or Facebook page, load up your appetite and your lawn chairs, and come get your Thrill on The Hill!



BECHTELSVILLE, PA. July 26, 2020 . . . All three features on Saturday night at Grandview Speedway were down-to-the-wire duals between the race winner and runner-up with close to 90 cars racing.

The T.P. Trailers Modified NASCAR Advanced Auto Parts 30-lap feature was a battle till the bitter end between Kevin Hirthler, as he became the first repeat winner in the Green Lane/Wm. Penn, Pioneer Pole Building No. 117, and defending point champion Duane Howard.

Kenny Bock took advantage to take over first in the 25-lap T.P. Truck Equipment NASCAR Sportsman feature when rookie racer Dakota Kohler went too high and hit the fourth turn wall with two laps remaining. Kohler was able to continue, but fell to third as Jesse Leiby scooted underneath for second to challenge the leader. Bock, who thanked his parents and crew for their support, was able to withstand Leiby’s moves to score his first career victory after trying so hard and leading on numerous occasions in the past to become the fifth different winner in the class this season.

Eric Jennings ducked underneath leader Joe Biasi on the 21st lap of the 25-lap Winged Super Sportsman feature and held off Biasi’s late race challenges to go on to collect the win..

Providing the Modified and Sportsman feature winners met the necessary requirements, they received monetary awards from T.P. Trailers and a certificate from VP Fuels for product awards. The Dan’s Deli ½-way hoagie award recipients were Hirthler and Kohler. Jesse Leiby earned an extra bonus from the track for being the highest crate engine finisher.

Kenny Gilmore set the pace for the first lap of the Modified feature before Hirthler, who had a dismal 20th-place finish the previous week, put the Dave George power plant, which was the sportsman car he would run on occasions with his modified engine underneath the hood, into the lead.

In a few laps Hirthler opened daylight leaving Gilmore, Ron Haring Jr. and Brett Kressley in a three-way battle for second trailed by Brad Grim and Briggs Danner.

Ryan Lilick stopped in the fourth turn on the eighth lap and the pack regrouped during the eighth lap yellow. Hirthler held his line when action resumed, but now he had to deal with Kressley, who was trying feverishly to get by him leaving no margin to error.

Back further in the pack trying to get to reel the front runners in were Gilmore, Haring and Howard.

Lapped cars later allowed Kressley and Howard to get on Hirthler’s bumper.

Fourth place runner Haring Jr. had his night end on the 23rd lap when he came to a halt in turn three for the second and final caution period. On the restart Hirthler chose the outside lane since his car was hooked up on the high lane and Howard had to deal with the inside trek. Hirthler was off and running on the restart. By this time last week’s feature winner and 2018 point champion Mike Gular joined the heated battle. Waiting in the wings for a slip up were Kressley and Rick Laubach.

Hirthler was able to keep the competition at bay to post his 14th 358 Modified victory. Coming up a half-car length short was second place finisher Howard followed by Gular, Kressley and Laubach. Ryan Grim, Jeff Strunk, Craig Von Dohren, Danner and Doug Manmiller completed the top ten.

Kressley, Danner, Gular and Gilmore won the heats. The consies were won by Manmiller and Ryan Lilick.

Bock took the early lead at the start of the Sportsman feature with pressure from Bryan Rhoads, Dakota Kohler, Derrick Smith and Dean Bachman.

It didn’t take Bock long to out distance himself while Kohler, Rhoads, Smith and Bachman tried to erase the margin.

Defending point champion Brad Brightbill spun in the second turn as his season misfortunes continued bringing out the ninth lap yellow. The restart was void when Ken Eckert Jr. hit the second turn wall. Bock led for three more laps after the restart before Kohler moved into first on the 12th circuit.

As the race progressed Kohler kept going higher getting close to the wall and with two laps remaining the inevitable occurred and he was into the fourth turn wall. He continued, but by this time Bock and Leiby were by him for first and second.

A first turn tangle between Lex Shive and Kyle Lilick set up a one-lap shoot-out. Bock knew who was behind him on the restart and didn’t hesitate when the race continued and went on to chalk up the triumph. Finishing a close second was Jesse Leiby with Kohler, third; Mark Kemmerer, fourth and Smith, fifth. Sixth through tenth were Brad Arnold, a feature race winner this year; Chris Esposito, Nate Brinker, John McGovern and Brian Hirthler.

Heats went to Rhoads, Kohler and Bock. The consi was won by Chris Esposito.

Cliff Brian was the early pacesetter of the Winged Super Sportsman feature while Rohan Beasley, Kevin Gutshall, Derek Sheaffer and Eric Jennings challenged.

Brian held onto first until the eighth lap when Biasi passed him to become the new pacesetter.

While Biasi showed the way, Brian and Jennings put on quite the shuffle for second.

With five laps to go Jennings was second making his presence known to Biasi, who was running the high groove.

Coming off the fourth turn Jennings dove underneath Biasi to take over first on the 21st lap and stayed there until he pulled in victory lane. Chasing him across were Biasi, Steve Wilbur, Brian and Brett Periogo. Gutshall, Craig Perigo, Jason Failor, John Stehman and Michael Smith finished sixth through tenth.

Beasley and Biasi won the heats.

Next Saturday night, August 1st, one of the most popular events of the season will be presented. A large field of Modified racing talents will be on hand trying for the win in the $10,000 to win 50th Annual Forrest Rogers Memorial, a 50-lapper for Modifieds. In addition the Sportsman stocks will be part of the doubleheader show.

An added attraction will be the Acoustic Band featuring 1973 Freedom 76 winner Roger Knappenberger and his son Pete an auto racing radio personality. The band titled Maddie-Pearl will perform in the first turn pavilion from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

And as is the norm the folks from the Low Down and Dirty Radio show will be presenting their Meet & Greet at the main gate starting at 5 p.m.

Adult admission is $25 while youngsters 6 through 11 pay just $5. And kids under 6 are admitted free. Gates open at 5:30 p.m. for spectators and racing starts at 7:30 p.m. Rain date is Saturday, August 8th.


T.P. Trailers Modified Feature (30-laps): 1. Kevin Hirthler, 2. Duane Howard, 3. Mike Gular, 4. Brett Kressley, 5. Rick Laubach, 6. Ryan Grim, 7. Jeff Strunk, 8. Craig Von Dohren, 9. Briggs Danner, 10. Doug Manmiller, 11. Kenny Gilmore, 12. Louden Reimert, 13. Craig Whitmoyer, 14. Mike Lisowski, 15. Ray Swinehart, 16. Jared Umbenhauer, 17. Dan Waisempacher, 18. Ryan Watt, 19. Dylan Swinehart, 20. Brad Grim, 21. Ron Haring Jr., 22. T.J. Lilly, 23. Justin Grim, 24. Joe Funk III, 25. Colt Harris, 26. Eric Biehn, 27. John Willman, 28. Ryan Lilick. DNQ: Mark Kratz, Darrin Schuler, Scott Frack, Carroll Hine III, Mary Levy Jr., Richie Hitzler, Bobby Gunther-Walsh, Ron Myers and Mike Tyson.

T.P. Trailers Truck Equipment Sportsman Feature (25-laps): 1. Kenny Bock, 2. Jesse Leiby, 3. Dakota Kohler, 4. Mark Kemmerer, 5. Derrick Smith, 6. Brad Arnold, 7. Chris Esposito, 8. Nate Brinker, 9. John McGovern, 10. Brian Hirthler, 11. Kyle Smith, 12. Jimmy Leiby, 13. Ryan Beltz, 14. Bryan Rhoads, 15. Mike Mammana, 16. Lex Shive, 17. Dylan Hoch, 18. Jack Butler, 19. Kyle Lilick, 20. Brad Brightbill, 21. Dean Bachman, 22. Nathan Mohr, 23. Cole Stangle, 24. Decker Swinehart, 25. Ken Eckert Jr. DNQ: Mike Schneck Jr., Tom Miller, B.J. Joly, Parker Guldin, Chuck Eckert, Scott Kohler, Jack Butler and Mark Gaugler.

Super Sportsman Feature (25-laps) 1. Eric Jennings, 2. Joe Biasi, 3. Steve Wilbur, 4. Cliff Brian, 5. Brett Perigo, 6. Kevin Gutshall, 7. Craig Perigo, 8. Jason Failor, 9. John Stehman, 10. Michael Smith, 11. Austin Lorah, 12. Luke Lentner, 13. Levi Hippensteel, 14. Rohan Beasley, 15. Derek Sheaffer, 16. Tom Savage. DNS: Bill Brian Jr.

“Defending Track Champ Zack Curren Hold Off Tony Hanbury in Chemung’s B Mod Lid Lifter”
by Carol Houssock
(Chemung, NY) Chemung Speedrome’s season opener, though two months late, was everything a track would hope for – a great turnout of race teams and fans, competitive racing, and beautiful weather. This kicked off the second year under the promotional team of Ray and Ellen Hodge. Everyone was greeted by signs regarding the use of masks, frequent hand washing and remaining socially distant from each other. Winners parking alone in the Midstate Basement Authorities Victory Lane included Zack Curren (Insinger Sunoco B Modifieds), Nick Robinson (New York Super Stocks), DJ Shaw (4 Cylinders), Mark Taylor (Marion Decker Hobby Stocks), along with Chase Sinsabaugh (Bandit) and Kalysha DeMark (Coaches Pizza INEX Bandoleros). Racing this week will be on Saturday at 5 PM.

Defending track champion, Zack Curren, earned a sweep on opening night by winning both his heat race and the 30-lap Insinger Sunoco B Modified feature. Luck of the draw put Tony Hanbury on the pole, with Curren alongside for the start. Curren’s spot-on start on the high side propelled him to the lead. The first of four cautions came when Travis Spalding spun with nine laps complete. This time the front row was in reverse order, but the outcome remained the same. Curren led over Hanbury, Charlie Sharpsteen, heat winner Gene Sharpsteen and Scott Wylie. When the race resumed Wylie moved forward but then dropped out with a mechanical problem. Andy Lewis’ spin, followed by one by Lee Sharpsteen, slowed the action for a bit and brough Daryl Lewis, Jr. up to fourth with TJ Potrzebowski fifth. The last caution came when Dave Kozlowski spun and that set up the last chance for anyone to top Curren. No one could on this night, and he celebrated his win over Hanbury, C. Sharpsteen, G. Sharpsteen and Potrzebowski. A valve spring problem resulted in a DQ for D. Lewis, who had finished 3rd.

The New York Super Stocks proved eager to race with 35 cars signed in. The 26-car field was determined by five heats, won by jimmy Steffenhagen, Andy Cryan, Tim Gullo, Cameron Nichols and Garrett Zacharias, along with a B-main won by Mike Hyman. Jacob Gustafson led early, leaving some great side-by-side racing behind him. The field ran 21 laps before the first caution came out. The restart had Nick Robinson and Tim Gullo within striking distance. Neither of them, nor a hard-charging Steffenhagen had to strike in this one, as Gustafson spun in front of the field in turn two, collecting Zacharias. During the clean-up the track’s generator, which runs the Musco lighting system around the track, had two malfunctions. Already well over curfew, officials had no choice but to end the race with lap 23 on the scoreboard. The win went to Robinson, with Steffenhagen, Gullo, Cryan and Dylan Bancroft finishing in the top five.

Rumor had it that the 4 Cylinder division would be strong and competitive this year. That’s one rumor which proved to be fact with 19 cars on hand. Monica Green, Ryan Hurlbut and Dante Mancuso won the three heats to set the field for the scheduled 20-lap feature. This was one night, however, when the yellow flag flew so often that the race was eventually put on a 10-minute time limit. When they reached the 10th minute on lap 12 they were given the two-to-go indication and this one ended on lap 16. Rookie Ryan Hurlbut drew the pole and led early with DJ Shaw close behind him. Shaw took the lead on lap five and the pair restarted beside each other each time the caution slowed the field. With spins and cars stopped on the track to bring out cautions, this one was one not to be repeated except for the battle for the win. Shaw held on and got that win over Hurlbut, with Ricky Lane, Nick Galusha and Mancuso rounding out the top five.

The inaugural appearance of the Marion Decker Insurance Hobby Stocks drew three cars and the broom went to Mark Taylor for his sweep of both the heat race and 10-lap feature. Displaying great parity between them, he and Chuck Nichols stayed within two car lengths of each other for the duration. The only caution came when car #17 leaked fluid on the track. Taylor led all 10 laps for his first feature win.

The Coaches Pizza INEX Bandoleros ran a 10-lap feature only, led early by newcomer Kalysha DeMark. The only caution, for contact involving Derrick Vogler and Chase Sinsabaugh, ended Vogler’s night when his front bumper came off and couldn’t be reattached per INEX rules. DeMark resumed in the top spot until Sinsabaugh found momentum on the high side to take the lead. The defending Bandit champion held for the overall win, followed by DeMark with the Outlaw win. Devin Gullo finished 3rd, Vogler 4th.

Chemung moves to Saturday this week for a big money Insinger Sunoco B Modified show in memory of the late Gary Marshall. In addition to that 75-lap feature fans can watch the Insinger Sunoco Super Stocks, 4 Cylinders, Marion Decker Hobby Stocks and Coaches Pizza Bandoleros. Pits open at 2 PM this Saturday, with practice and grandstand gates at 4 PM and racing starting at 5 PM.

For information, ‘like’ us on Facebook: Chemung Speedrome – Racing at the Drome, or call Ray Hodge, Promoter, at 607-483-3468.

Of note:
The 26-car field of Super Stocks paid tribute to our country with American flags attached to their cars on some parade laps. Fans in attendance stood in tribute to the meaningful gesture.
A lucky fan from Elmira, NY won the $1,003 50/50, the largest payout in recent memory. An anonymous donor had put up $500 to guarantee the winner at least that much!
Zack Curren and DJ Shaw won the ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’ of free wings at the Horseheads Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant.
It was justice, of sorts, for 4 Cylinder winner DJ Shaw. Last year the almost certain champion stepped away from racing, with a comfortable lead in the points, to focus on high school football. That earned him the track’s Hard Luck Award in 2019.

Insinger Sunoco B Modifieds (30 Laps): ZACK CURREN, Tony Hanbury, Charlie Sharpsteen, Gene Sharpsteen, TJ Potrzebowski, Lee Sharpsteen, Bryan Sherwood, Andy Lewis, Dave Kozlowski, Travis Spalding, Bill Chandler, Jr., Scott Wylie, Daryl Lewis, Jr. (DQ)
Heats: G. Sharpsteen, Curren
New York Super Stocks (23 Laps): NICK ROBINSON, Jimmy Steffenhagen, Tim Gullo, Andy Cryan, Dylan Bancroft, Cameron Nichols, Evan Rygielski, Robert Fink, Nate Peckham, Frank Chapman, Josh Hunter, Anthony Gullo, Jason Duke, Charlie Sharpsteen, Trevor Catalano, Barrett Schenk, Brian Hallett, Jacob Gustafson, Garrett Zacharias, Mark Spencer, Nik Welshans, Cole Hicks, Derrick Tarbox, Mike Hyman, Bob Palmer, Amber VanOrden
Heats:  Steffenhagen, Cryan, T. Gullo, Nichols, Zacharias
B Main: Hyman
4 Cylinders (16 Laps): DJ SHAW, Ryan Hurlbut, Ricky Lane, Nick Galusha, Dante Mancuso, Greg Moldt, John Byrd, Madelyn Virts, Russ Bulger, Megan Schoelles, Russ Bulger, Jr., Jason Peck, Mason Offhaus, Joey Bevacqua, Monica Green, Tyler Harbst, Bryce Bailey, Nick Bevacqua, Dustin Pryne (DNS)
Heats: Green, Hurlbut, Mancuso
Marion Decker Insurance Hobby Stocks (10 Laps): MARK TAYLOR, Chuck Nichols, #17
Heat: Taylor
Coaches Pizza INEX Bandoleros (10 Laps): CHASE SINSABAUGH (Bandit), Kalysha DeMark (Outlaw), Devin Gullo, Derrick Vogler

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