Author Topic: Engine tear-down by RUSH following protest confirms legality of Rocky Kugel  (Read 808 times)

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October 24, 2017                     FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
(Pulaski, PA)…On October 23, the GM 602 crate engine from October 14, 2017 Lernerville Speedway RUSH Sportsman Modified runner-up finisher, Rocky Kugel, was inspected during a complete tear-down by RUSH Competition Director Travis Harry following a protest by a fellow competitor.  The conclusive results were that Kugel's factory sealed GM engine met the specs per the GM Tech Manual.  In addition, Kugel's MSD RPM (rev) limiting box, part number 8727CT was confiscated by RUSH and sent to MSD in El Paso, TX.  MSD's engineering team inspected the unit and found it to be unaltered with no signs of the unit being tampered with.  With these findings, Kugel's runner-up finish is confirmed, and Kugel is the 2017 Bicknell Racing Products Weekly Series Champion. 

Per RUSH rules, a competitor or car owner that finishes in the top five of the feature may protest the engine of a fellow competitor that finished in the top five within 10 minutes following the conclusion of the feature by putting up $900 cash to a RUSH Official, which all took place. 

Kugel agreed to the teardown and the engine was tagged by RUSH's Travis Harry to insure all three parties that the engine could not be tampered with.  Note: a refusal results in disqualification from the event (loss of points and monies), loss of points earned to date, 365-day suspension from all RUSH-sanctioned events, and a $1,000 fine.  Kugel, along with the protester, chose October 23 as the teardown date at RUSH Headquarters in Pulaski, Pa. 

Per RUSH rules, only three people from the protested car (preferably car owner, driver, and crew member) and one person designated from the team protesting are allowed in the tech area during a protest.  Following the conclusive results from the engine teardown and MSD limiting box inspection, Kugel was awarded his race winnings along with $650 for winning the protest, per the rules.  Kugel's engine rebuilder received a complete GM gasket set and will be issued RUSH seals at no charge from the Series.

Kugel won eight feature events in 2017 including three wins at both Sharon and Lernerville Speedways along with single wins at Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway and Expo Speedway.  With Kugel's runner-up finish at Lernerville on October 14, he overtook Kole Holden by one-point to win the Bicknell Weekly Series Championship, which looks at drivers' best 12 finishes throughout the season.  Kugel will receive his $3,000 championship money and hardware at the awards banquet on January 20, 2018. 
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