Author Topic: Northern vs Southern Dirt Karting  (Read 3091 times)


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Northern vs Southern Dirt Karting
« on: September 15, 2014, 01:18:42 PM »
Hey All,

Just a general topic for discussion on here.  You read sites like Bob's 4 cycle and more than 75% of the info is based on Hard, Calcium, "Dirtphalt" tracks running Maxxis tires.  Seems like the tracks up here are all Burris, and not the same type of clay.  They may get hard, but they are super dusty and low to medium bite. 

I just started to get into dirt this year and learned a bit, got a few different types of preps and a few sets of burris punching anywhere from 50 up to 64.  I feel like I am going in the right direction.

When I talk to a few guys who run down south (carolinas), they talk about running tires that punch 45 on tracks that are dry and dusty.  Thats their meal ticket for those conditions.  But from experience and also talking with anyone up here, the story is different.  At tracks like Oswego, Paradise, etc, if the track is dry and dusty you are on a tire thats punching 57-60 (or more?) or you are in the back. 

Is there a difference in the soil that causes the difference in North South?  Is it the calcium?  Or the fact that Maxxis work totally different than Burris?